Helpful Tool for Discounted Gift Cards

You know we love discounted Disney gift cards. We post about great strategies and keep an updated page with all our favorites. What we don’t talk about often is how we use gift card strategies for lots of purchases in our lives. In some cases, we save more than 20% on our favorite restaurants, department stores, etc.

Saving with Gift Cards

For instance, I need to get an oil change today. Ebay is selling $50 Jiffy Lube email delivery gift cards for $40. I’m going to print off a Jiffy Lube $15 off coupon online and combine it with my gift card. Between the two, I’ll save $25.

Here’s another example. We frequently go out to lunch at Panda Express after church on Sundays. It’s not everyone’s favorite, but it’s cheap and everyone in the family can agree to eat there. We got $100 e-gift card for $77. It will take us a couple months to spend $100 at Panda Express, but we’ll have saved $23 in the process.

Helpful Tool for Discounted Gift Cards

There are a growing number of online gift card brokers. The most popular may be Raise, but there are a dozen or more respectable sites. It can be hard to keep track of who is offering the best deals on gift cards for a specific store. One helpful tool for finding the best deals is Gift Card Wiki. It helps track prices, both for buying and selling gift cards, for many retailers.

Beginners Steps for Using Gift Card Wiki

Gift Card Wiki is a robust site, so it can appear a bit intimidating if you’re not familiar with it. Here are the basic steps for finding the best deals on gift cards to your favorites stores.

1) Search Your Favorite Store

Pretty straight forward; start off searching for a store you shop at regularly.

2) Don’t Panic!

It’s going to look like you pulled up the website for your 401k. Don’t close your eyes and run away screaming. You could hurt yourself.

3) Scroll Down to the Buy Gift Cards Section

Ignore all the charts. Those are for the serious dealers in gift cards. What you want is the list of options for buying gift cards, which we’ve outlined in green. This is going to help you find which online gift card broker you want to use to make your purchase. One determining factor is the all-important discount rate, which you’ll see our arrow pointing to below.

There are some other important columns here as well. You’ll want to consider the value of the gift card; a $5 or $5,000 gift card might not fit your needs. Also, you’ll want to consider the warranty. There is a small risk in buying a gift card through a broker. If something goes wrong, which is rare but happens, you’ll want to make sure you’re covered. Finally, look at the “Market.” This is the website where you’ll find this gift card listed at the price shown.

Finally, consider the “Type” of gift card. You’ll want to know whether you’re getting a physical gift card mailed to you, or perhaps a printable gift card that gets emailed to you.

4) “Buy” Your Gift Card

When you use the link, it will take you straight to the website for the gift card broker and that specific gift card. This makes it easy to buy the card you need.

Bonus Option: Check for a Shopping Portal

Many of these gift card brokers also have shopping portals. This means you could earn extra points for buying gift cards. Consider this option in place of step 4. Rather than clicking the “Buy” link, go to Cashback Monitor and search for Raise or whichever gift card broker has the best deal on the gift card you need. Using the portal to the gift card broker, you’ll have to search for the gift card you wanted. But, the extra work could earn you some extra points.

If you’re new to using shopping portals, you can read more HERE.

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