Hotel Review: Hyatt Regency Orange County

I recently took a new job. The company’s headquarters is 15 minutes from Disneyland, a definite perk for a Disney Parks addict. For my work orientation trip, I decided to stay at the Hyatt Regency Orange County. It’s an upscale hotel, but it’s also just over a mile-and-a-half from the entrance to Disneyland. I was curious to see if it was a good fit for Disneyland vacations or not. So, here’s my hotel review of the Hyatt Regency Orange County.

A Personal Email from the Hotel Leads to an Upgrade

Several days before my trip, I got a personal email from Lori, who is a Guest Experience Coordinator at the hotel.

Now, you get Discoverist status just for having the World of Hyatt Credit Card, so I didn’t get this email for having a high level status. Discoverist is the first tier just above being a member. So, she didn’t send this email because I’m particularly special, this is just great customer service.

But, I decided to respond and tell her I was looking forward to my stay, in particular because I was close to reaching the next level of status. After a few pleasant emails back and forth, Lori said she was going to put in a note in my reservation requesting an upgrade to a suite if there was space.

I not only got that upgrade, a King Suite, but I also got free Disneyland shuttle tickets (more on that later).

King Suite

High up on the 9th floor, my King Suite room had a great view of the atrium below, a feature that makes the Hyatt Regency Orange County stand out.

The King Suite had a living room and bedroom combination. The living room had a pullout couch, so this room could comfortably fit two adults and two kids.

Pool & Rec Area

The third floor, on top of part of the building, is the primary swimming pool and rec area. The pool is a little underwhelming; it’s a similar size to something you might see in someone’s backyard.

But, there were a ton of additional activities to choose from including: bocce ball, tennis, basketball, corn hole, shuffle board, ping pong, over-sized chess, and more. I was genuinely impressed these.

Not a great pool, but I was genuinely impressed by all the other activities.

Getting to Disneyland

The distance between the Hyatt Regency Orange County and Disneyland has always been my biggest hangup with this hotel. First, it’s too far to walk as you can see in the map below.

And, they charge $28 a night for self parking and $36 for valet. So, you’re not going to park a car at the hotel and then drive to Disneyland and pay for parking there as well.

Shuttle Service

The hotel shuttle to Disneyland was a pleasant surprise. It runs every 30 minutes throughout the day. It doesn’t slow down during the afternoon like some hotels serving Disney Parks do. And, because it’s every 30 minutes, you don’t need to being a shuttle schedule around with you. It’s the 30 minute or hour mark at one end and the 15/45 minute mark on the other… all day. The consistency as well as an easy to remember schedule makes this service a huge perk of the hotel. Plus, it picks up right outside the front door of the hotel and the shuttle drops off close to the park gates.

The shuttle is $6 per day with unlimited rides. Kids 4-10 are $3 and children under 4 are free. I was given free shuttle tickets and was told it was part of the room I had booked, although I didn’t see that anywhere in my booking. I would recommend waiting to purchase your shuttle tickets to see if it happens to be a part of yours as well.

Overall Thoughts: Hyatt Regency Orange County Hotel Review

My biggest concern with this hotel was the distance from the parks. But, the shuttle runs so consistently that it’s really not a factor.

On the night I stayed, I paid $88 plus taxes. When you can find a great deal like that, I highly recommend staying at the Hyatt Regency Orange County. If you’re using points, a standard room will cost you 12,000 points per night. I don’t think I’d pay points to stay here when there are better options like the Hyatt House Anaheim or even the Hyatt Place.

Overall, between the fantastic customer service and shuttle service, the Hyatt Regency Orange County exceeded my expectations.