How to Transfer Disney Gift Cards and Why You Should

Save on Disney gift cards and you’ll save on your whole vacation. Each time I purchase a discounted Disney gift card, I immediately upload and combine it using There are lots of reasons why you should do this and I’ve also added instructions for how to transfer Disney gift cards below as well.

Benefits of

Virtual Vacation Bank Account – Think of it like an online bank account that deals in Disney gift cards instead of cash. You can store Disney gift cards, move balances around, and delete old cards.

Back Up Your Gift Cards Online – Let’s say you lost a Disney gift card you had sitting in a drawer and it had a bunch of money on it. You know it’s probably around the house somewhere, but you can’t find it. If you uploaded it into, you could simply log into your account and transfer the whole balance onto another card.

Easier to Pay for Your Vacation – Each Disney gift card can have up to $1,000 on it. When you transfer one card onto another, you don’t have to keep track of a whole bunch of them to pay for your vacation. (Your travel agent will also thank you)

Part of Your Savings Strategy – The very best discounts on Disney gift cards may only give you an opportunity buy $100 at a time. We snag these deals whenever they come around, but they’re not enough to pay for an entire vacation. We end up buying them here and there throughout the year. We use actively as a way to save and store gift cards we’ve saved on as we go.

Transfer eGift Cards Onto Physical Cards – When you find those great deals on Disney gift cards, it’s even better when they’re egift cards because you don’t have to drive to the store or wait for shipping. They’re usually emailed to you within the hour. With, you can upload your egift card and transfer it onto a physical gift card you have on hand.

How To Transfer Disney Gift Cards

1) Set Up an Account or Log In

Either create a new account or use your Disney account you use for other things like My Disney Experience.

2) Add Your New Card

You can call it anything you want and you have up to five cards in your account at a time. After creating a name and adding the account number and security code, select “ADD CARD”.

3) Transfer Balance

transfer Disney gift cards

You can only transfer the total balance of a card, not a partial balance. And, it can only be onto the one designated as the primary card. You can change which card is the primary card at any time.

4) Delete Old Card

You certainly don’t have to delete the card that now has a zero balance on it. But, if you do it will make space for others since you can only have five in the system at a time.

Best Ways to Save on Disney Gift Cards

We keep an updated list of the best ways to save on Disney Gift Cards HERE.