How We Earn 8% Back With Chase Ultimate Rewards

We often say, there’s no perfect credit card, but you can build a nearly perfect wallet. When you have a wallet of credit cards with complementary strengths, you can earn tons of points by using the right card for the right purchase.¬†We just finished assessing our 2017 credit card rewards spending and this is how we averaged earning 8% back on our purchases with Chase Ultimate Rewards.

Our Results

The points listed below include category bonuses, including promotions, and shopping portal bonuses. They do not include sign up bonuses or referral bonuses.

Ultimate Rewards Card 2017 Amount Spent Points Earned Points Per Dollar
Sapphire Reserve $23,888.36 76,402 3.2
Freedom (2) $7,764.31 45,159 5.8
Ink Cash $10,197.24 46,858 4.6
TOTAL $41,849.91 168,419 4.0

We averaged right at four points per dollar spent. Chase Ultimate Rewards are worth up to 2 cents each. The combination earned us up to 8% in value on our purchases.

Top 7 Ways to Use Chase Ultimate Rewards on a Disney Vacation

We wrote a post a while back detailing the top 7 ways to use Chase Ultimate Rewards on a Disney vacation. You can find it HERE.

  1. Disney Vacation Package (Sapphire Reserve)
  2. Hyatt House Anaheim
  3. Flights on Southwest Airlines
  4. Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress
  5. Flights to Aulani from the West Coast
  6. Disney Vacation Package (Sapphire Preferred)
  7. Disney Park Tickets

Build Your Ultimate Rewards Strategy

We’ve outlined how you can build your Chase Ultimate Rewards Strategy. You can earn tons of points and get lots of value out of them.