How We Totally Blew It About Best Buy

Some days you eat crow and then grovel for forgiveness. Today is one of those days. We totally blew it.

Just over a week ago we visited our local Buy to purchase Disney gift cards. We were using our Chase Freedom via Chase Pay with the Swagbucks bonus and Best Buy Rewards. It’s potentially 24% in bonuses/savings on the cost of the gift cards.

The clerk could not get the Disney gift cards to scan. After her manager spent some time on the computer he declared that Best Buy had discontinued the sale of Disney gift cards. Wanting to double check, we called another local Best Buy who said the same. Apparently, we have the only two Best Buy locations in America who think they’re discontinuing the sale of Disney gift cards.

Many of you are continuing to purchase Disney gift cards at Best Buy using a credit card. And, we’ve had success at a third location in our area.

P.S. We have gone back that original store and they continue to swear that Best Buy no longer sells Disney gift cards. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Gift Card to Gift Card at It’s End?

While things seem to be okay using a credit card, using Best Buy gift cards seems to be nearly gone. We reported about two weeks ago that it had gone from a near certain strategy to a 50/50. Many of those who were still reporting success are now having problems. There are probably some locations that still work, but the gift card for gift card angle seems to be on its way out.

Using Best Buy Rewards Certificates

One of the great things about buying Disney gift cards at Best Buy is that you also earn Best Buy Rewards. We recently used a $20 Best Buy Rewards certificate to purchase a $50 gift card. It seems like certificates still work for gift card purchases because they act more like a coupon. In this case, it brought the $50 gift card purchase down to $30. But, that also meant it did not trigger the $5 Swagbucks bonus which you only earn for a $50 purchase.

So, if you’re trying to trigger the Swagbucks bonus, you’ll be better off getting a variable load Disney gift card and using the certificates to get the price down to $50.

A Summary Apology

So, we’re still going to our third Best Buy and doing the Chase Freedom/Swagbucks strategy and it’s still working for us at that location. We thought double checking the information from our first store at a second store was enough. But, we were wrong. We’re sorry.