Huge Sale on Gift Cards at CardCash

You can save an extra 5% on all gift cards at CardCash today. I started off writing this post about how you could save a total of 15% on Disney gift cards and by the time I finished it they had sold out. 🙁 But, there are still lots of other travel related gift cards for airlines, hotels, and even Uber.

They are offering 5% off all gift cards sitewide using promo code LASTMINUTEGIFTS. Not only that, but the Chase Freedom is offering 5% cash back when you pay with PayPal, an accepted form of payment at CardCash.

NOTE: CardCash sells gift cards second hand. They give a 45-day guarantee and we’ve had good experience with this. But, there is some risk you take on if you’re not able to spend the Disney gift cards in the next 45 days.