Increase Swagbucks on Disney Gift Cards at Best Buy

Swagbucks has increased their payout at Best Buy. You can typically earn 12.5% in rewards on Disney gift cards at Best Buy. It’s now up to 13.5% after a promotional increase of Swagbucks at Best Buy. This increase was short-lived when it ran a couple weeks ago, so check the Swagbucks app before you make a special trip to Best Buy. Here’s how it works:

Earning Swagbucks at Best Buy

For every $100 Disney gift card you purchase, you can get an initial bonus of 750 Swagbucks worth $7.50. This posts within a few days. Then, you also earn additional Swagbucks for the money you’ve spent. It’s normally 2 SBs per dollar spent. Now, it’s 3 SBs per dollar. This means you’ll earn 300 more Swagbucks worth another $3.

Normally this is 2% and says it’s an increase from 1%. Now, it’s been increased to 3%.

Best Buy Rewards & Credit Card Rewards

You can also earn between 1% and 2.5%, depending on your status in their program, in Best Buy Rewards which can ultimately be redeemed for merchandise (not gift cards) at Best Buy.

Finally, if you’re using a good cash back credit card, you’ll another 2%. All total, your $100 Disney gift card earns 13.5% in total rewards.

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Hat Tip: Thanks to reader Dan for pointing this one out.