Is Chase Bringing Back Disney Park Tickets with Ultimate Rewards?

There appears to be a back door way on the Chase Ultimate Rewards website to purchase Disney Parks tickets with Ultimate Rewards. Is this a sign that Chase is going to reverse course and offer Disney park tickets and hotels for Ultimate Rewards?

See For Yourself

Thanks to reader Mike for pointing this out. Log into Ultimate Rewards and click on the travel icon. Go under the “Things to Do” tab and type Orlando, pick some dates and click search. One of the first options is Universal Orlando theme park tickets. Click on it. Scroll all the way to bottom under “People who view Universal…” 

Travel –> Things to Do –> Type Orlando & Select Dates then Search –> Universal Orlando Theme Park Tickets –> Scroll to bottom.

When you click on Walt Disney World Resort Theme Park Tickets, dozen of ticket options were there from 1-day to 10-day. And, we got all the way to checkout with no problems. You can do the same for Disneyland going through Legoland.

Now, we didn’t actually purchase any tickets so there’s a reasonable chance they would have been cancelled after the order was processed.

We Called Chase

We called Chase Travel and the rep we spoke with didn’t have any new information. As far he knew, Chase is still not selling Disney tickets or hotels with Ultimate Rewards. However, he speculated and we think he could be right, that Chase has loaded this up on the back end and may be getting ready to roll it back out. We can all hope!!