Is the Swagbucks Strategy Dying?

I’m in Africa for work this week with limited wifi, so I apologize that this post will not be as thorough as it should be. I invite you to share your data points or what you know in the comments below.

About a month ago, bonus points on Swagbucks started taking longer to post. It normally only took a few days for the 750 point bonus to post but it took about two weeks. Now, it’s been around another two weeks since any have posted, both from our experience and the emails and comments many of you have submitted.

In addition, you normally get 200-400 SBs in your shop activity for a $100 Disney gift card. These points are pending for 30 days. But, in the last 10 days or so, it has started showing only 1 SB as pending per purchase.

While we don’t have any definitive information at this point, we wanted to put this on your radar because you might want to put a pause on this strategy until we see what happens.

It’s our favorite overall way to purchase Disney gift cards, and we hope it sticks around, but it’s being glitchy enough right now that it could be a sign that it’s going away. What do you think?