A Tribute to King’s Cross Station

King’s Cross Station deserves it’s own fan page. Maybe we’ll create one someday. But, until then, here’s our tribute to one of the most amazing and under-appreciated theme park areas in Orlando:

King's Cross station-night

KCS is even more beautiful at night.

The atmosphere at King’s Cross Station is so delightful. It is a lovely place to grab a park bench on a cool night in Orlando and just enjoy being on vacation…. away from work emails, laundry, and trips to the grocery store. This is a time to relax and there are few places better. Sit and people-watch away from the crowds of Diagon Alley, which is just to the right as you’re facing it. One of the newest areas at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, KCS is far less crowded but just as well themed.

King’s Cross Station is essentially a queue (my favorite queue anywhere!) for Hogwarts Express, which takes you from Universal Studios to Hogsmeade at Islands of Adventure. Hogwarts Express is more than just a train like you’ve taken at Magic Kingdom or Disneyland, it’s an immersive experience with all your favorite characters.

It also takes you from one park to the other. As a result, you need the Park-to-Park ticket to ride, which costs more. This was a genius move by Universal as it forces you to cough up the extra money to ride (roughly 20% more); it also helps keep the line relatively short in most cases. At Disney you can also pay for a “Park Hopper,” but it really doesn’t give you anything beyond the obvious ability to visit multiple parks in one day. In this case, IT’S WORTH IT!

King's Cross magic advertisement

Shortly after entering, you’ll notice the billboard made famous in Half Blood Prince, although you may remember the billboard from the movie actually said, “Tonight Make a Little Magic with Your Man…” Too saucy for a family theme park?

Hogwarts express-train station luggage

Then you’ll come across some left over bags??? Not totally sure what’s happening here, but still cool.


Next, comes your opportunity to walk onto Platform 9 3/4, an amazing optical allusion. Hang back just a little while you’re group goes through so you can document them passing through.

Hogwart's express-engine front view

Similar the reaction you’ll first have when you walk into Diagon Alley for the first time, your jaw will drop when you walk out onto the platform and see Hogwart’s Express for the first time.

Hogwarts express-9 and three quarters sign 1

The platform is not only impressively expansive, but also well-themed down to the details as well.

Make sure you take the Hogwart’s Express both directions. While the King’s Cross Station is heads and shoulders above the Hogsmeade Station, it’s an attraction that is different each way. Enjoy a short video of the last train of the night heading back. It’s truly a magical place…