Laniwai Spa Review

A Special Treat

We are not fancy people. However, this past October, I got the chance to have a fancy afternoon….and I loved every second of it. I turned 38 on our recent trip to Aulani, and my sweet husband gave me a facial at Laniwai, the spa at Aulani.

A Full Experience

If you have an appointment at Laniwai, it is recommended that you arrive an hour before your appointment, which I did. After I checked in, I was personally welcomed by a man named Michael or Matthew or Matthias or Micah ( I can’t remember). He invited me, in a calm, soothing, ethereal voice, to pick up a wishing stone and “begin my journey”… so let’s just call him Magic Mike.

Magic Mike led me to a reflection pool and told me to meditate on the word on my stone. He invited me (once I was ready) to release the stone into the reflection pool and reflect on my word all throughout my time at Laniwai.

Okay. I’m not really into all that normally. Someone mentioning something being a “journey” would usually give me pause or make me laugh uncomfortably, but, this particular afternoon, I dug it. I blame having a whole afternoon to myself. Without kids. Thank you, Aunty’s Beach House.

Magic Mike then handed me off to a female co worker, who showed me my locker, gave me a tour, and handed me a robe and slippers. It was raining cats and dogs the day I had my appointment, so I didn’t get to enjoy Kula Wai, Laniwai’s outdoor hydrotherapy garden. Although I couldn’t really enjoy the garden, I snapped a quick picture. It really looked amazing. Maybe next time.

As I waited for my facial appointment, I enjoyed the sauna, the Eucalyptus steam room, and the relaxation room (a room with comfy chairs, soft lighting, fuzzy blankets, and snacks. Holla!). The relaxation room lived up to it’s name. I completely fell asleep in that room, “reading” a book.

My Spa Treatment

My husband gifted me the 50 minute Basic Skin Fitness Facial. It was glorious. I hardly ever go to spas or get facials, so I don’t know what to compare it too, but it felt soooo good.  And my skin felt so soft and looked so bright and clear afterwards. My facial technician was warm, kind, and talented. She knew what she was doing and talked me through what she was putting on my face. She allowed me to just be quiet as well (which I appreciated). The 50 minutes flew by and I was actually really sad when it was over. It was that good.

Worth It

In total, my birthday afternoon cost $200 (A $165 spa treatment, plus the 20% service charge). This was definitely a splurge with our vacation budget. But, with Laniwai, it’s more than just the treatment you purchase. You get nearly a half day’s worth of extras for free like the sauna, hydrotherapy garden, Eucalyptus steam room, and relaxation room. When you add in all these extras, it was money well spent.

I’ll definitely be back…maybe for my 39th birthday?? (Hint, Hint, Mark)

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