Money Saving Tips From YOU

Last weekend, we asked you all to share your favorite Money Saving Tips for a Disney Vacation. And boy, did we have fun reading all of them. As we were reading them Sunday evening, we decided they were too good not to share. So, today, we wanted to share these awesome Money Saving Tips from YOU, our fantastic readers. Thank you all for sharing. We love hearing from you and learning from you. Thank You.

Disney Gift Cards

“Saving with 5% cash back on cc and using BJ’s  or Sam’s to buy gift cards! Genius! -Angela

“Buy discounted Disney gift cards at Sam’s Club (best to buy them in person and have them activate them for you to minimize any chance of mix ups later). Use them to pay for your resort stay and on anything else. This is one you guys talk about all the time, but it’s probably the best one.” -Richard

-Thanks, Richard. We do love this strategy. You all can read more about it here. 

“I have been saving my Target gift card with purchase and converting to Disney Gift Card. Also, I started using Ibotta and Checkout 51 and those savings also get converted to Disney Gift Cards. -April

“We buy the Disney gift cards from Target using the Target Redcard for 5% off when we shop in the store. $25 here and there really adds up, and I’ve never had any problems.” -Kim

-Kim was the winner of our drawing. We agree, Kim. We love our Target Redcard. You all can read more about  this strategy here. 

“I use my Target red card to get 5% off Disney gift cards (was also told by a Target employee that during the Christmas holidays, there is one day where you get 10% off all gift cards). In booking hotels, we use Priceline a lot, especially the express deals. We’ve stayed at the Dolphin resort for $100 and right now a friend of mine just booked Coronado Springs for $100 a night during Easter weekend using Priceline. -Denise

“Since the Target gift card approach has become unreliable, we are now buying discounted Disney cards at Costco or BJ’s with Chase rewards card. We also have taken advantage of the cash back offers by using our American Express card to buy discounted park tickets at Undercover Tourist. All of the strategizing has become part of the fun in planning our trips to Disney! -Melissa

Thanks, Melissa. We sure love the BJ’s money saving tip. You all can read more about it here. 

Credit Card Rewards

“I think I’ve saved the most either flying to Orlando for almost free on Southwest points OR renting DVC points for Deluxe resort stays…It’s a toss up! Congrats on one year of blogging, I love your site! -Leah

-Thanks so much, Leah. Yes! We love Southwest. You all can read how you can earn free flights on Southwest here. 

“I love my Chase Freedom card! Can’t wait for next quarter’s rewards. Instead of buying gift cards, this time I am going to use the points to pay for my hotel at Disneyland. I also love shopkicks! Sometimes walking around Target scanning items feels like a fun game.” -Blair

“I just used your site to open a Starwood card so we can stay at The Dolphin when we earn our points. I also like to wait to close to our trip to book airfare, so we have flexibility with our dates and can adjust for better deals (last minute DVC rental, for example). -Mary

-Thanks so much, Mary. We loooove our Starwood Card. Enjoy your stay at the Dolphin. To read how you could stay at the Dolphin too, read here. 

“We use our Chase Freedom cards to buy Disney gift cards at bonus category stores, so we can get 5X UR points and a discount on Disney gift cards too. We bought $100 cards for $95 from Sam’s Club when that was a bonus category last year, and for the first two quarters of this year, we can buy Disney gift cards from our local grocery store/gas station and get a 4% fuel discount on top of 5X UR points! I also bought discounted Best Western gifts cards on to use at the Best Western Park Place Inn for our upcoming trip this Spring. -Laurie

Disney Parks

(Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland)

“Bring souvenirs from home for your kids:)” -Shelley

Thanks, Shelley. We do this every time we go to Disney, awesome money saving tip. To read more, click here. 

“Order kids meals for adults to save money” -Becki

“I use my Disney Chase card. I also plan out every food item purchase ahead of time in order to budget.” -Lauren

“A great budget friendly souvenir are the silhouettes you can have made of your kids or whole family. They aren’t expensive-the last time we did them, they were $8 a person. You get tow copes of each person’s silhouette. They’ll even frame them for another $8. It’s a great custom souvenir.” -Melissa

“We (usually) try to book during Free Dining during value weeks so that rooms are the cheapest (i.e. early September). We pack snacks for our little one and book with Southwest so that we can change flights as prices fluctuate. We flew for 44 dollars during our last trip in December” -Alyssa

“I do dimes for Disney, we fill up 20 ounce spa bottles with dimes for spending money. Every bottle we fill is $100 of fun! -Candice

“We took our daughter several years ago to the Barber Shop, located near the City Hall in Magic Kingdom. After she had her hair trimmed (I think it was only $15), they sprinkled ‘pixie dust’ (tiny shiny Mickeys in bright colors) over her hair.  They secured it with a splash of hairspray to make it stick. What a magical touch and a fun memory we made!” -Angie

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