My Experience: A Bulk Purchase of Disney Gift Cards at BJs

When you save on Disney gift cards, you save on your whole vacation. Since they can be used for theme park tickets, Disney hotel stays, food in the parks and most Downtown Disney/Disney Springs restaurants, they are extremely useful.

Bulk Sale on Disney Gift Cards at BJs

BJs Wholesale is currently offering bulk prices on Disney gift card purchases. We wrote about this HERE. The pricing is tiered when you make purchases of $2,500, $5,000, or $7,500, giving discounts of 6%, 7%, and 8% respectively. This is a fantastic deal if you need a high volume of gift cards for your next vacation.

But, the email that was sent out specifically requested purchasing them online at BJs at a higher price and then submitting the order confirmation number for the remaining discount. I think it makes people a little nervous (at least I was) to buy something at a higher price, especially when it’s a really high price, with promise that the price will be lowered later.

My Experience with the Purchase

I placed my order last Sunday, January 5th. I purchased $7,500 in Disney gift cards for $7,199.25 (the online price). Now, based on the 8% discount at that tier, my final price should be $6,900.

I got the order confirmation by email and immediately emailed BJs with the number. Monday rolls around and I don’t hear anything from BJs. And, the credit card is showing the pending purchase at the higher amount. Then Tuesday rolls around and I still haven’t heard anything from BJs. But, I’m reminding myself that these people have jobs with lots going on so I should be patient.

On Wednesday I decide to send another email because the charge on the credit card is no longer pending.It’s a confirmed purchase. “Finally” on Thursday I got a quick email from BJs saying the credit has been applied to our purchase.

On January 10, five days after making the original purchase, a credit of $299.25 showed up on the card, bringing the total price paid down to $6,900. And, the gift cards arrived just last night (Monday, January 13), eight days after the purchase. All in all, a pretty smooth process, albeit outside the box a little bit.

Combining Disney Gift Cards

Now, the last thing you want to do is pay for your Disney vacation one $100 gift card at a time. Instead, you can combine them up to $1,000 per card at That way, when you go to pay for your Disney gift card you’re not walking around with a trash bag full of gift cards (which would actually be kind of awesome). It takes me about one minute to upload and combine each gift card. But, with 75 cards to do, that’s still quite a while.

Thoughts on this Strategy

I saved $600 on the gift cards alone, which will go a long way toward paying for our vacation. And, by using a good 2% cash back credit like the Citi DoubleCash, you’d get another $138 in our scenario. All together that’s $738. Since I was able to do this with relatively little effort, I think it’s one of the best deals you’ll find.