New Disney Visa Credit Card Design Options

Chase and Disney are switching up which designs you can get on your Disney Visa card. Some of the old favorites remain, a classic returns, and some new options like Toy Story might just be what you wanted. Here are the new Disney Visa credit card design options.

New Disney Visa Credit Card Design Options

Personally, I love the Vintage Mickey Mouse with the gray background. It’s simple and classic (just like me). But, I think a lot of people are going to be big fans of the Toy Story option and possibly the new Star Wars designs, Chewy and the Falcon.

Old Disney Visa Design Selections

You can see from the old designs, we’re losing Sorcerer Mickey, which is a surprise. It has been around a LONG time. We can say goodbye to Yoda and BB8 as well.

Change Your Disney Visa Credit Card Design

Changing your design is simple but not easy to find. First, you need to log into and get to your Disney Visa account.

Then you’ll click on the “Things you can do” drop down found on the right side of your screen.

Scroll down to “Update settings & preferences”.

Then you’ll see the “Card design” option where you can select from amongst the new Disney Visa credit card design options.

I switched mine over to the Vintage Mickey and Chase says it will take 2-3 weeks for the new card to show up in the mail.

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Hat Tip: PTN reader Kitty