Ongoing Saga of Disney Gift Cards at Target

Disney Gift Cards at Target

This is just a quick update on the situation at Target. Most of you know that about 10 days ago an issue emerged using Target gift cards to purchase Disney gift cards (and other specialty gift cards). You could always use Target gift cards in-store to purchase Disney gift cards, although people’s success was very YMMV and we even wrote a Do’s and Don’ts based on our experience. Suddenly, it stopped working for people who used this strategy regularly.

We updated you last week after we talked to Target’s Media Relations team. They said it would only be a week to get resolved. Others of you talked to the gift card department at Target and were told it would be the end of April.

We contacted both the Media Relations team and Gift Card Department today. The Media Relations team said there is now no ETA on a fix. The Gift Card Department is saying the end of April, but they don’t know why they’re saying that, it’s just the script they’ve been given.

If you’ve gotten any additional information, please share it in the comments below.