Our Take on the $6 Charge for Grocery Deliveries at Disney World

Over the weekend, reader Dan, emailed an article from WDW News Today about bell services at Walt Disney World adding a new charge of $6 for package delivery. We’re all about saving on Disney vacations. This change in policy matters because it includes deliveries from Amazon and other common places people order groceries and supplies for delivery to their Disney resort.

Saving with Prime Now

Discounted Amazon gift cards. This is one of the primary reasons we use Prime Now to deliver supplies and groceries for our Disney vacations. Our local Best Buy sells Amazon gift cards, so we use the Swagbucks Strategy quite often for Amazon gift cards instead of Disney gift cards. It saves us 12.5%. We save on the gift cards and then we save by not (over)paying $3.50 for a single bottle of water in the parks.

Our Take on the $6 Charge

A Disney vacation is expensive. When you’re trying to cut corners, it’s a little annoying to feel they’re constantly finding ways to extract more money from you.

But, from the zip code where I’m sitting right now, a case of 24 bottles of water through Amazon Prime Now is $4.99. Paying for 24 bottles of water at Disney World would cost $84. So, even if they’re going to start charging $6 for package deliveries at the resorts, I will gladly pay it thinking about how much I’m still saving.

What’s your opinion?