Over 8% Off Disney Gift Cards at Sam’s Club with Dosh

Save 8% on Disney gift cards at Sam’s Club plus a possible 5% bonus. This is based on the typical Sam’s Club 4% discount on Disney gift cards plus an extra 2% cash back at Sam’s Club through cash back app Dosh¬†and credit card rewards. We’ve also highlighted a possible bonus at the end of this post. All together, it’s a nice strategy for saving on Disney gift cards.

NOTE: This deal is unfortunately dead (4/17). Dosh has changed the deal to $5 off new memberships.

What You Need to Know About This Deal

This offer with Dosh is capped at $20 total cash back every 24 hours, so you’ll only be able to save on up to $1,000 in purchases at a time. Plus, the offer is for in-store purchases, not online, so you’ll need a store convenient to you.

Sam’s Club has a 3-Pack of $50 Disney gift card listed online for $142.98 (in-store may vary). You could purchase seven of these ($1,050 in Disney gift cards) for $1,000.86. You’d get $20.00 in cash back from Dosh and another $20.02 from a good 2% cash back credit card.

In total, you’d get a $1,050 Disney gift card for $960.84, an 8.5% discount.

How Dosh Works

Use this link to download the app and sign up. (It’s our referral link. Thanks for using it.) Then, search for Sam’s Club and look for this promotion. There’s no expiration on this offer, so we can’t tell you when it will end.

If it’s still there, go ahead and link your credit card that you plan on using at Sam’s Club. Once you spend the money on that card, it triggers your cash back.

You need to earn a total of $25 in Dosh before you can cash out. You can only save up to $20 every 24 hours with this deal. You should also get a $5 bonus for linking our first credit card, so that could put you at $25.

When you’re ready to cash out, you can connect a bank account or PayPal.

Bonus 5% Savings (YMMV)

Uber has the Visa Local Offers program. It earns Uber credit when you make purchases at certain stores and restaurants with a linked Visa credit card. There is currently an offer for Sam’s Club to earn 5%. You simply need to use the same Visa card you link with Dosh.

To sign up for Visa Local Offers in Uber, open the app, go into setting and you’ll see it if you scroll down. Some people are saying that Sam’s Club is not showing up as one of the offers in their Uber app but they’re still earning the credits anyway. It’s worth giving it a try, and likely to work, but not something you should count on.