Over 20% Off Disney Gift Cards with Swagbucks Strategy

Here’s an in-depth strategy that could save you a ton on Disney gift cards. In fact, it’s a possible 24.5% discount on Disney gift cards.

Here’s the not-so-basic idea: You purchase a $50 Disney gift card at Best Buy with your Swagbucks account, Best Buy Rewards number, and Chase Freedom via Chase Pay.

Here’s What You Get
  • 600 Swagbucks: Swagbucks is offering two Swagbucks per dollar at Best Buy plus a 500 point bonus on in-store purchases of $50 or more. That’s a total of 600 Swagbucks worth $6. You can redeem Swagbucks for gift cards to places like Amazon, PayPal, Best Buy and many more.
  • 250 Chase Ultimate Rewards: The Chase Freedom is offering 5x Chase Ultimate Rewards when you check out with Chase Pay which Best Buy takes in-store. Those 250 Chase points are worth up to $5.
  • 1%-2.5% Best Buy Rewards: You’ll also earn Best Buy Rewards. Depending on your status, you’ll earn between 1% and 2.5%, between $0.50 and $1.25 in this case.

We’ve done this four times, once purchasing just one $50 Disney gift card. The other times we purchased two or three Disney gift cards in multiple transactions. In each case, the points in all three programs have either posted or are pending within 3 days.

NOTE: One of our local stores told us Best Buy is discontinuing the sale of Disney gift cards after our third purchase, so we moved over to another store for our fourth purchase. It seems the first store has gotten bad information, but we wanted to mention it.

Step by Step

Step 1: Sign Up for Swagbucks & Best Buy

If you don’t have a Swagbucks or Best Buy account, sign up first. You’ll need them to get the points. Here’s our Swagbucks referral link. (It would be awesome if you use it.)

Also, use the search icon in the Swagbuck app to look up Best Buy. When you click on it, you’ll want to look for this picture telling you the promotion is still live.

Step 2: Set Up Chase Pay

If you have a Chase Freedom and haven’t used Chase Pay before, you’ll want to download the app and set it up ahead of time.

Step 3: Pick Up One or More $50 Disney Gift Cards at Best Buy

The Swagbucks bonus is for spending $50 in-store, so you can buy multiple $50 Disney gift cards, but you’ll need to do multiple separate transactions. We purchased two on our last trip and got the bonus for both transactions.

Step 4: Give Your Best Buy Rewards Number

When you hand the clerk your $50 Disney gift card, they’ll ask you if you have a Best Buy Rewards number. It’s easiest to just give them the phone number tied to the account.

Step 4: Scan Your Swagbucks QR Code

Let the clerk know you have another rewards program you need to scan as well. Open your Swagbucks app, look up Best Buy, and scroll down.

Click, “Get Code” and a QR code like in the picture will pop up. Show it to the clerk on your phone and they’ll scan it.

Step 5: Use Chase Pay

Now, you’ll need to flip over to your Chase Pay app. When you open it, make sure it’s paying with your Chase Freedom card and not another Chase card. Chase Pay also uses a QR code, they’ll scan this again to pay.

Step 6: Repeat

You might want to just try this with one $50 Disney gift card the first time. But, later, you can do multiple separate transactions.


The Swagbucks portion specifically says gift cards are not eligible for the bonus. However, it seems to be universally working from the reports we’ve seen and it worked for us. Also, the promotion itself could end at any point, so make sure you check it.


If you don’t have a Chase Freedom, here are a few other ways you could do this.

  • Discover it Cash – Use your Discover it Cash to purchase Best Buy gift cards at grocery stores. You’ll get cash back and fuel points. Then, you can use the Best Buy gift cards to purchase Disney gift cards at Best Buy. You could still get the Swagbucks this way but not the Best Buy Rewards.
  • Any Card – You can follow this strategy without the Chase Freedom. You’ll get 12% in Swagbucks and another 1% to 2.5% in Best Buy Rewards.


For each $50 Disney gift card, you’re earning $6 in Swagbucks, $5 in Chase Ultimate Rewards, and another $0.50 to $1.25 in Best Buy Rewards. This is potentially a total of $12.25 on a $50 gift card. Any time we can get 20% or more in savings or points or Disney gift cards, we snatch them up!

If you don’t have the Chase Freedom, it’s one of the best cards for regularly saving on Disney gift cards. If you sign up, we’d love it if you use our referral link. Chase will give us some referral points we’ll use for our next Disney vacation. We’ll be so grateful we’ll send you a framed picture of our family for your wall at home. It’s just what you’ve always wanted, a picture of strangers!