Packing Tips to Spice Up Your Disney Vacation

We could remind you to pack sunscreen and use packing cubes, but that would be the world’s most boring post to write (and to read). While the basics are important, we’d rather talk about packing tips to spice up your Disney vacation.

Building Anticipation

By the time you leave for your Disney vacation, your goal is to have you and your family doing this every time you look at each other.

Tip #1 – 12 Days of Disney

A Disney vacation is just as exciting as Christmas, so we recommend celebrating the 12 Days of Disney. Give a Disney gift to your family members each of the days leading up to your trip. These should be items you’ll use on your trip. Start small and slowly build with each gift. You’ll have your family worked up into a Disney-frenzy. Here are some ideas:

Ideas – An official autograph book, a water bottle/mister combo, this awesome men’s t-shirt, the famous rose gold minnie ears, or some sweet Mickey flip flops for the pool.

Tip #2 – Disney Planning DVD

Let’s be honest, the Disney Planning DVD is for beginners. You’re an addict. You’re probably pointing out which parts of the video are out of date. But, that’s not the point. The Disney Planning DVD is your hype video. It’s not about the information; it’s about getting excited.

We order a Disney Planning DVD every year and watch it in the weeks leading up to our trip (and even while we’re traveling there) just to build anticipation. Anyone remember the 2005 video? “Triple mountain trifecta!”

Tip #3 – Disney Recipes at Home

Have you ever made Tonga Toast at home? This delicious banana-stuffed french toast, coated in cinnamon sugar, is a Polynesian resort legend. I’m having a Pavlov’s dog response right now just thinking about it.

This isn’t really a packing tip, but making some of your favorite Disney dishes leading up to your trip is a great way to spice things up. (See what I did there?) The Disney Food Blog has a great list of Disney recipes to choose from.

Spice Up Your Wardrobe

You could just walk into the parks with your shorts, flip flops, and t-shirt. But this isn’t Six Flags.

Tip #4 – Matching Shirts

Wearing matching outfits in public is risky… except at Disney. The brighter the better. Etsy is a great place to find lots of customized options.

Tip #5 – Perfectly Timed Accessories

Before riding Pirates of the Caribbean, we passed out eye patches and tiaras to our group. It’s a great ride without any accessories, but it’s an event when you have them.

Other accessory ideas include Disney temporary tattoos, leis for a special dinner at the Polynesian, and princess wands for your time in Fantasyland.

Fun In The Parks

Tip #6 – Heads Up

It’s the best group game to play, especially because they offer a Disney Parks version. Not only will it get your whole group involved, you’re likely to find people in line around you jumping in as well.

Tip #7 – Things that Glow

The most epic Disney meltdowns happen at night. You’ve been in the park all day long. You’re tired. Your kids are tired. The fireworks are getting ready to start and one of them spots the cart selling all the light up stuff. You know what happens next. Your kid turns into Veruca Salt.

Instead of being judged by people without kids, pack some glow or light up items before your trip. It will save you a lot of money and you’ll avoid that moment when you tell your kids they’re ungrateful while they’re sobbing on the ground.

Daily Surprises

Tip #8 – Pre-Packed Souvenirs

It’s impossible to leave a Disney vacation without a souvenir. I’m super cheap. I’ve tried. It’s not possible. Rather than playing the part of Ebenezer Scrooge (the DuckTales version), I purchase souvenirs before our trip and surprise the kids with a gift each day.