Review of Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire

Review of Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire

If you love Star Wars, the new full sensory virtual reality experience is for you!! There are locations at both Downtown Disney (Anaheim) and Disney Springs (Orlando). This is a great way to kick off your Disney vacation. We loved it and think you’re likely to as well. Here’s our review of Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire (without any plot related spoilers).

The Video is Accurate

They don’t let you take video or pictures once you get back there, but I can tell you the promotional video is not hyped up. That’s what it actually looks like, both what you’re wearing and what it looks like with the headset on.

Groups of Four & Suiting Up

The “mission” itself is done in groups of four. They get you suited up, almost like a glorified laser tag but with a significant helmet and screen over your eyes. The helmet also has a microphone and headphones. You can not only talk to the other people on your team, but you get instructions for your mission through your headphones as well.

When you put on the visor, you and your teammates become computer animated stormtroopers. Not only that, but your stormtrooper is your actual size. My daughter is 10 and she looked like a 4-foot tall stormtrooper, which was hilarious.

What is Full Sensory?

If you watched the video, you saw a stormtrooper pull down on a lever. That’s a great example. You see your computer animated stormtrooper arm reach out and touch things AND THEY’RE ACTUALLY THERE! I don’t want to give too much away, but the interaction is more than just what you reach out and touch with your hands.

The lobby where you check in is as far as you can get with a camera.

Time, Cost & Height Restrictions

It takes about 15 minutes to check-in and get suited up. The experience lasts about another 15 minutes. The experience costs $29.95 (plus tax) per person. To participate, you must be 10 years old and at least 48 inches tall.

Buy Tickets

You need to reserve your date and time in advance. Click here to buy tickets.