Rite Aid 12% Bonus in Wellness+ Rewards on Disney Gift Cards

From June 23rd to June 29th you can get $12 in Wellness+ Rewards at Rite Aid for buying a $100 Disney gift card. And, you can buy two of them, earning $24 in rewards.

You can find this deal in the Weekly Ad.

Stack with Chase Offers

There are also a couple Chase Offers out there at Rite Aid for a 5% or 10% rebate out there. The one we have is for 10% up to $4 saved. It’s not a lot, but it’s a nice bonus.

How to Use Wellness+ Rewards

Rite Aid’s rewards can be use a little bit like Best Buy Rewards except they’re available within a day or so. They can be used almost like a coupon to deduct the cost of purchases at Rite Aid, but can’t be used for gift cards. So, you wouldn’t be able to show up at Rite Aid a couple days later and buy more Disney gift cards. You’d have to use it on store merchandise.

Hat Tip: Doctor of Credit