[Rumor] Target to Deactivate Gift Cards Purchased with Gift Cards

Doctor of Credit is reporting a rumor that Target plans to deactivate and refund gift card purchases made with Target gift cards. This is important for anyone who used the 10% discount sale on Target gift cards on Sunday to purchase Disney gift cards.

We all know Target wants you to buy merchandise rather than third party gift cards. When they offer a 10% discount on their own gift cards, they’re losing money if you cash them in for Disney gift cards. There are many out there who have purchased thousands in Disney gift cards through this discount. Could it be too much of a good thing?

What To Do?

If you purchased Disney gift cards using Target gift cards after the sale, you should consider transferring the balances to a different card at DisneyGiftCard.com. This might protect you. You could also consider using the cards to purchase the Disney vacation you’ve been planning.

Did This Happen To You

If you bought Disney gift cards with Target gift cards, tell us your experience in the comments below.