Save 30% on Disney Vacations with

You can book almost any hotel at This includes Disney Parks hotels and Aulani. There are some great ways to save up to 30% on Disney Vacations with and we’re going to show you how. prices typically reflect the same or similar prices as the Disney website, but it’s always import to compare.

Step 1: Save 20% on Gift Cards gift cards are regularly on sale for 20% off. In the last six months there have been 20% off options through Amazon, Staples, and an Amex Offer. We’ll highlight these for you when they occur, but they happen every couple months on average, so it’s pretty frequent.

If you’re ever in a place where you’re ready to book and can’t wait for a sale, you can usually get them on for somewhere between 7%-10% off.

Combine Gift Cards

You can also combine all the gift cards into one “super” gift card HERE. You can only use one gift card when you book a stay, so this is not only convenient but an important part of fully utilizing this strategy.

Step 2: Save 10% More with Rewards

Gift card redemptions are also eligible for the Rewards program. Earn a free night for every 10 you complete. Your free night is actually a e-gift card for the average cost of the 10 nights you stayed.

This means you’re getting an additional 10% on the amount you spend. The only catch is that you have to wait until you’ve stayed 10 total nights to get it.

When you book your room, make sure you’re logged into your account. This will help make sure each night you book counts toward your total.

You need a stay at least once a year to keep your rewards progress active.

Example: Save 30% on Disney Vacations with

Let’s say you purchased $1,000 in gift cards for an upcoming Disney vacation. If you purchased them at a 20% discount, you paid $800. Although this example is unrealistic, let’s say you stayed 10 nights at $100 each. You’ll get an additional $100 voucher to use toward your next booking.

  • Purchased $1,000 in gift cards for $800
  • Received bonus voucher of $100

This means you’ll have ultimately paid $800 for $1,100 in value, saving $300.