Save on Disney Gift Cards

When you save on Disney gift cards, you save on your whole vacation. Purchase as much as you need for your entire trip. Then consolidate them at and use them to pay Disney for your hotel, tickets, food, merchandise and more. It’s one more great way to cut corners on the cost of your trip.

Here are our favorite ways to save on Disney gift cards!


12.5% Off Disney Gift Cards with Swagbucks Strategy

Savings: 12.5%+ (one per day)

Credit Card(s) Required: Any Credit Card

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Over 8% Off Disney Gift Cards at Sam's Club with Dosh

Savings: 8%+

Credit Card(s) Required: Any credit card

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14% Off Disney Gift Cards with Discover

Savings: 14%

Credit Card(s) Required: Discover it Cash

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15% Off Disney Gift Cards

Savings: 15% or more

Credit Card(s) Required: Chase Freedom

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Disney Gift Cards: 20% Savings with Chase Pay

Savings: 22%

Credit Card(s) Required: Chase Sapphire Preferred or Sapphire Reserve

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Buying Disney Gift Cards at Target

Target REDcard

Savings: 5%

Credit Card(s) Required: Target REDcard

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Amex Offers: Save 20% on Disney Gift Cards at Best Buy

Savings: 22%

Credit Card(s) Required: American Express Cards [Targeted Offer]

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[Targeted] Amex Offers: $10 Off at Sam's Club

Savings: 17%

Credit Card(s) Required: American Express

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Buy Disney Gift Cards at Office Supply Stores

Savings: 10%

Credit Card(s) Required: Chase Ink Cash plus another Chase Ultimate Rewards card

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4 More Gift Cards You Should Pick Up for Disney

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