Save on Disney Gift Cards at CardCash

We saved over 15% on Disney gift cards at CardCash recently. When you’re looking for ways to save on Disney gift cards, this is another great option to consider. Here’s how we saved on Disney gift cards at CardCash.

Disney Gift Cards at CardCash

CardCash is a discount gift card broker. They buy gift cards at a discount and turn around and sell them. They don’t always have Disney gift cards, but when they do they’re listed at a pretty decent discount. We highlighted them in this post at 6.3% discount. On Friday, we found a lone $900 Disney gift card also at a 6.3% discount.

Here’s a screenshot from our email confirmation.


There’s always a little bit of risk when you buy gift cards from a broker. CardCash has a reputation for selling some bad eggs. We’ve purchased a fair number of gift cards from CardCash and we’ve had three that were bad.

CardCash has a 45 day guarantee. We’ve never had a problem getting a full refund when we needed it during that time period. CardCash has been prompt and quick to refund our money.

Our suggestion, make sure you check the value of the gift card(s) you purchase from CardCash at as soon as you receive it. And, make sure you spend the gift card or transfer the funds to another gift card in the first 45 days.

Chase Ink Cash

The Chase Ink Cash is a small business credit card. But, it’s one that’s fairly easy to get. If you do anything to earn a little money on the side, you will likely qualify to get this card.

When you check out through PayPal, using a Chase Ink Cash, it codes as 5x Chase Ultimate Rewards. This means the $843.30 we spent earned 4,216 Chase Ultimate Rewards. Depending on how you spend them, CURs are worth up to 2 cents each (4,216 x .02 = $84.32).

Cost of Disney Gift Card Chase Ink Cash 5X CURs Value of Points (2 cent ea.)
$843.30 4,216 $84.32

Learn more about how to build a Chase Ultimate Rewards Strategy.

Summary of Savings

We purchased a $900 Disney gift card for $843.30, saving $56.70. We also earned an additional 4,216 Chase Ultimate Rewards, worth $84.32. In total, we saved $141.02 for our next Disney vacation, or 15.6% on the value of the Disney gift card.