Save on Disney Gift Cards: Stacking Discounts at Staples

Staples is becoming one of our go-to stores for buying Disney gift cards. There have been a number opportunities to save on gift cards at Staples recently and some of them are stackable. They’ll help you save up 15%.

  • Stack Dosh 3% Cash Back with…
  • Chase Offers, Amex Offers, or Office Supply Bonus Cards and…
  • Credit card rewards

Start with Dosh (3% Cash Back)

Dosh recently started offering 3% cash back at Staples up to $5 in savings every 24 hours.

Staples is a recent addition to the Dosh cash back options.

The terms exclude gift cards, so we waited to post about it even though in-store purchases of gift cards usually work out anyway. Now, we’ve had a chance to test it ourselves (and it worked).

After purchasing a $100 gift card, the cash back became available a few days later.

Since the terms exclude gift cards, it’s a YMMV situation. But, since we’ve tested it and it worked for us, we wanted to share it with you.

If you use our Dosh referral link, you’ll get $5 when you add your first credit card.

Stacking Discounts

There are a couple important options for stacking discounts on top of the Dosh cash back.

Chase Offers & Amex Offers

Both Chase and Amex have rebate deals with select retail stores. You “add” a deal to your card, spend money at the store, then you get a rebate on your credit card statement.

Both Chase and Amex have offers for Staples. Between the two of them, I would estimate there’s a new one every couple months for Staples. Often, they amount to a 10% discount at Staples, which also means an extra 10% off your Disney gift cards.

This targeted Amex Offer popped up in January, and a targeted Chase Offer popped up last week.

Category Bonuses on Office Supplies

There are several business credit cards that offer category bonuses at office supply stores. We use the Chase Ink Cash which offers 5x Ultimate Rewards. Another is the Amex SimplyCash Plus card which offers 5% cash back. Chase does not currently include business cards in their Offers program, but Amex does.

Total Savings

If you stack 3% cash back from Dosh, with a 10% Offers program and credit card rewards, you’d be looking at 15% cash back on your Disney gift card purchase.