Save on Disney Gift Cards with Hyatt Card

Chase is offering a $30 rebate when you spend $300 or more at grocery stores by February 28th when you use your Hyatt Card. This is a great opportunity to save on Disney gift cards (or groceries). You must register your card for this offer.

Save on Disney Gift Cards

Most grocery stores sell Disney gift cards. If you buy $300 worth of Disney gift cards at your grocery store, you’ll get a $30 rebate. This is an easy 10% discount on your next Disney vacation.

Plus Fuel Points

Plus, most grocery stores offer 2x fuel points on gift cards. This means, if you buy $300 in Disney gift cards, you’ll get 600 fuel points. Every 100 fuel points is worth 10 cents off per gallon at a single fill up. 600 fuel points is worth $0.60 off per gallon. If your typical fill up is 10 gallons, that’s another $6 in savings.

Plus Hyatt Points

Hyatt points are worth about two cents each. In this case, you’ll earn one Hyatt point per dollar spent at the grocery store. The 300 Hyatt points you’ll earn on this purchase are worth another $6.

Total Savings

You could end up with $30 in cash, maybe $6 in fuel points, and another $6 in Hyatt points. YMMV, but this would come out to $42 (or 14%) in savings/benefits on the $300 you spent.

Why Have the Hyatt Card for Disney

For Disney vacations, we love the Hyatt House in Anaheim and Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress. The Hyatt Card comes with a free night each year that can be used in either of those hotels. Plus, it comes with a sign up bonus up to 45,000 points, enough for three nights in either of those hotels. And, you get “Discoverist” status which gives you a room with a better view (think fireworks) and sometimes upgrades.

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