Save Points When Your JetBlue Flight Decreases

JetBlue is one of the best airlines for flights on points from the East Coast to Orlando. It is not only a popular discount carrier, but the cost of a flight in points is tied to the cash price. For example, a $69 flight might only cost 4,000 points. When flights are cheap, they’re also cheap in points.

You Booked and Then the Price Went Down

Since the number of points you pay is directly related to the price of the flight, what can you do when you’ve booked a flight and the price goes down? You can get points back.

Deals We Like wrote a great post about this situation. The post explains how to re-book your flight at the lower rate and save the difference in points. It also includes some of the parameters around the program. We’ve included a couple of the highlights from that post below, but you can read the full post HERE.

  • You must re-book within 14 days of the initial booking
  • You must re-book over the phone

We’ve re-booked flights to Orlando in the past and saved about $100 worth of points. It’s great way to save in advance for your next Disney trip.