Secret Disney Hack at the Swan & Dolphin

Don’t you love it when you find out about an unpublished deal very few people know about? We’ve got one for you today. It’s not available online and it’s not advertised, but you can book a virtual suite at Disney’s Swan for only 14,500 Starpoints per night. We’re talking about a room that’s 500 square feet and costs about $465 per night.

If you’re keeping score at home, you’re getting more than three cents per point! If you use the 5th Night Free benefit you’re looking at 4 cents per point in value!! If you’re not slightly addicted to points like we are, imagine Ryan Gosling explaining jazz in La La Land… “It’s very, very exciting!”

NOTE: You have until August 1st, 2018 to book at the rates below. After that, the Swan & Dolphin will move to the new award chart and cost about 50,000 Marriott points on average.

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Deluxe Alcove King Bed (Swan)

Did we say 500 square feet yet? The standard award room at the Swan costs 12,000 points per night and is only 340 square feet. The Deluxe Alcove King Bed is an extra 160 square feet, 47% more space, for only 2,500 points per night more.

The room has a king bed with sofa bed and sleeps four. It has a “resort view.” Most importantly, a resort view means you won’t be facing the parking lot. Instead, you’re likely to be facing the lake, beach, Epcot, etc. In addition, some of the Deluxe Alcove rooms feature a balcony as well (be sure to ask for one).

Details About Booking

While a standard room on points at the Swan and Dolphin can be booked online, the super secret Deluxe Alcove room can only be booked with points by calling 1-888-625-4988.

To maximize your value, we recommend staying five nights. This room is 14,500 points per night, but with Starwood’s 5th Night Free benefit, you’ll only pay 58,000 points for a stay that would average around $2,300!!

FYI, they still charge you that annoying $31.50 resort fee per night, even when you pay in points. [insert heavy eye roll]

Other Secret Swan & Dolphin Rooms

The Deluxe Alcove King Bed is not the only great option on points. Here are the other super secret options.

King or 2 Double Beds – Resort View with Balcony (Dolphin)

The same size as a standard room at the Dolphin, 360 square feet, this room will also get you a balcony and a resort view. You’re looking at 13,500 points per night for this room.

2 Queen Beds – Resort View with Balcony (Swan)

A standard size room at the Swan is a little smaller at 340 square feet. This is also the same size but with a balcony and a resort view. This room will also cost you 13,500 points per night.

Standard Rooms You Can Book Online

King or 2 Double (Dolphin)

The difference with the standard room is the view and the balcony. Without those you could be staring at a parking lot out your window. But, the room is the same size at 360 square feet. At 12,000 points per night, this is your chance to save some points. Plus, you can book it online.

King or 2 Queen (Swan)

The standard room you can book with points online at the Swan costs 12,000 points per night. Both the King and 2 Queen rooms are 340 square feet and don’t include a balcony or specific view.

Saving for Star Wars

We’re getting nervous about hotel prices when Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opens. We’ve started saving our Starwood points to book an amazing stay in a Deluxe Alcove room when Star Wars opens next year.