Shopping Portals

Always use a shopping portal when you’re making online purchases. It’s an easy way to get some extra points for your next Disney vacation. Most shopping portals earn you 1-5 extra points per dollar you spend. All you have to do is use their link to get to your favorite retailers.

Here’s how to use a shopping portal in seven easy steps:

Step One: Cashback Monitor

Go to Search for the retailer where you want to shop. In this example we’re searching for JCPenney.

Step Two: Compare Your Portal Options

In most cases you’ll find multiple portal options for each retailer.

cashback monitor portal options

Choose the portal that will gain you the most value. Remember, points do not have equal values. Here’s a chart showing how we value points in some of the top rewards programs for Disney travel.

Rewards Program Value Per Point (cents)



Chase Ultimate Rewards

Southwest Airlines








Step Three: Select Your Rewards Program

Click the link in Cashback Monitor to the program you choose. It will take you to a shopping portal page that looks like this one.


Step Four: Sign In or Sign Up

Sign in or sign up for your portal. If you’ve never created a Southwest Rapid Rapid Rewards account, for example, it will prompt you to sign up for an account. If you have, it may already have you signed in, like it did in this example.

Step Five: Click the Portal Link to Shop

Click the portal link and start your normal shopping. There are usually a few items at each store that don’t earn points like gift cards. But, most purchases will count. Also, you can only use promo codes found on the retailers website. If you’ve got a special promo code you plan to use when you check out that isn’t found on the website, it could negate your points. Both of these scenarios are fairly rare but worth mentioning.

Step Six: Check Out

When you pay, you can use any credit card you want. So, use the one that gives you the most points. It will be in addition to whatever you’re getting for the portal.

Step Seven: Earn Points!

You’re done. Your bonus points typically show up in your rewards account within a few weeks, but sometimes take a little longer. We typically earn an extra 8,000-10,000 bonus points a year shopping through portals. It’s a nice little boost toward our Disney vacations.

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