The #1 Credit Card to Use for Disney Gift Cards

Our favorite credit to use for Disney gift cards will save you up to 15% starting today. Saving on Disney gift cards means you have more left in your vacation budget for a nicer hotel or extra dining experiences.

Starting with 5% Cash Back

The Chase Freedom has no annual fee and earns 5% cash back. Each quarter, Chase picks new bonus categories. All of your purchases in those categories up to $1,500 spent earns 5% cash back. Everything else earns 1%. Plus, the initial sign up bonus is $150 after you spend $500.

  • No annual fee
  • 5% cash back
  • $150 sign up bonus

The bonus from April to June is grocery stores and home improvement stores. It’s hard to beat 5% cash back at grocery stores, especially with no annual fee, and most people are making trips to Lowe’s or Home Depot this time of year too.

From 5% to 10%

The cash back you earn actually comes in the form of Chase Ultimate Rewards points. These points are redeemed for cash. BUT, there’s actually a way to get twice as much value out of them. You can actually transfer them to travel partners like Hyatt, Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, and United.

  • Normally you redeem your points for cash
  • But, there’s a way to double the value with the Chase Sapphire Preferred

You or someone in your household needs another Chase Ultimate Rewards card with an annual fee like the Chase Sapphire Preferred. You can actually transfer all the points you’ve earned from your Chase Freedom into your Chase Sapphire Preferred account. This is free, easy, and instant through your Chase account. Once they’re in your Chase Sapphire Preferred account, you can transfer them straight into 13 different travel partners. For Disney vacations, Hyatt, Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, and United are your best options.

  • Transfer points from Chase to Hyatt, Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, United and 9 other travel partners.

From 10% to 15%

As I mentioned earlier, the category bonus from April through June includes grocery stores from April through June. Most grocery stores sell Disney gift cards. AND, most grocery stores offer at least 2x fuel points on gift card purchases. Often, they run specials to earn 4x fuel points.

  • Get another 5% on average at your grocery store by earning fuel points when you buy Disney gift cards.

While it depends on the amount of fuel you pump, you’ll get around 5% in fuel savings by purchasing your Disney gift cards at a grocery store.

Chase Freedom

If you like saving money. And, in particular, if you like finding ways to save money on Disney gift cards, the Chase Freedom is a card you should have. With no annual fee, a chance to earn 5% cash back, and a way to double the value of those points, this is a valuable card everyone should carry.

  • Using think the links from this post to apply means you get the same great deal and we get some points too for pointing you in the right direction. Thanks!

Bonus: Chase Sapphire Preferred

The Chase Sapphire Preferred has a 60,000 point sign up bonus worth up to $1,200. It’s also the card you need to transfer your points from your Chase Freedom onto Hyatt, Southwest, JetBlue, or United. The combination is these two cards is so valuable.


P.S. We carry two Chase Freedoms and a Chase Sapphire Preferred and we use this strategy ourselves to save on every Disney vacation.