The Best Cash Back Card for Disney Vacations

No matter how well you use points on your Disney vacation, you’ll pay some amount of cash out of pocket. Having a great cash back strategy with our rewards cards is an important way we save for our trips. We think the Discover it Cash is the best cash back card for Disney vacations. Here’s why:

1) Best Bang for the Buck

The Discover it Cash has no annual fee and earns 5% cash back in rotating categories each quarter. From now until March 31st, you earn 5% cash back at grocery stores. From April through June it will be gas, Uber, and Lyft.

We believe there’s no perfect credit card but you can build a nearly perfect wallet. We use the card that’s going to earn the most on each purchase. Having the the Discover it Cash, is a great way to earn 5% in select categories and never pay an annual fee.

2) Double Your Money

Discover will match all your earnings at the end of your first year. The 5% cash back you earned at grocery stores becomes 10%. The 1% you earn in non-bonus categories becomes 2%. We got a $1,000 match our first year!”

3) Save on Disney Gift Cards

You get 5% back (matched your first year) up to $1,500 spent each quarter. You may not always need to spend that much. But, many categories include places where you can buy Disney gift cards. Maximize the full extent of your category bonus by purchasing Disney gift cards. It will help you save on your whole vacation.

4) Savings Right Out of the Gate

When you use a referral link to apply for the no annual fee Discover it Cash, you get a $50 statement credit after making your first purchase. The normal public offer does not include this. Thanks for using our referral link!

  • 5% cash back with no annual fee
  • All cash back matched at the end of your first year
  • It’s a great way to save on Disney gift cards for your vacation
  • You’ll get a $50 statement credit for using our referral link.

We like this card so much we have two of them in our house. We think you’ll like the cash back you earn too.