The Most Important Credit Card for Disney Gift Cards in 2021

If you only get one credit card to save on purchasing Disney gift cards, it should be the Discover it Cash card. The card will help you save between 10%-15% on Disney gift cards throughout the year. Since you can use Disney gift cards to pay park tickets, Disney hotels, Disney dining and more, when you save on Disney gift cards, you save on your entire vacation.

  • Save 10%-15% on your Disney vacation with the Discover it Cash

Discover it Cash

The Discover it Cash has no annual fee and gives you 5% cash back on purchases made in bonus categories that rotate each quarter. It gives you 5% cash back in these categories on up to $1,500 spent during each quarter and 1% if you go over that cap.

And, Discover doubles all cash back at the end of your first year as a card member. This means the 5% you earned in bonus categories becomes 10% and when you earn 1% it becomes 2%.

  • There is no annual fee
  • Discover matches all the cash back earned for new card members at the end of their first year, giving you up to 10% on purchases.

2021 Discover it Cash Bonus Category Calendars

As you can see, the category bonuses are the same except for a slight variation in Q2.

First off, whether you buy Disney gift cards or not, these are some great bonus categories for everyday shopping. But, there are fantastic ways to save on Disney gift cards all year long. The bonus categories that are best for saving on Disney gift cards are:

  • Jan-Mar: Grocery Stores
  • Apr-Jun: Wholesale Clubs
  • Jul-Sep: PayPal
  • Oct-Dec:

Saving on Disney Gift Cards Each Quarter

There are some great ways to save on Disney gift cards each quarter this year with the Discover it Cash. Here are our favorites:

January – March: Grocery Stores

Almost every grocery store sells Disney gift cards. This means that if you sign up for the Discover it Cash, you’ll get 10% cash back at grocery stores up to $1,500 spent, 5% now and 5% at the end of the year.

Plus, most major grocery store chains have a fuel points program. You earn fuel points on purchases at the grocery store toward discounted gas. Most grocery stores offer double fuel points on gift card purchases. Many offer coupons for 4x fuel points on gift cards throughout the year.

So, you could get up to 10% cash back on Disney gift cards and earn a lot of fuel points to save on gas in the process.

  • Get up to 10% cash back grocery stores
  • Earn fuel points on top of it

April – June: Wholesale Clubs

Both Sam’s Club and BJs Wholesale are great places to buy Disney gift cards online. Both sell them at around a 4% discount. Stack that with up to 10% cash back using your Discover it Cash card and you’ve got significant savings.

  • Wholesale clubs sell Disney gift cards at a discount
  • Stack that with up to 10% cash back with the Discover it Cash

July – September: PayPal

PayPal is another great option for saving on Disney gift cards. Many online retailers have PayPal as a payment option when you check out. You simply need to have set up a PayPal account and link your Discover it Cash in it. When you check out at the retailer with PayPal, it will prompt you to log in to PayPal. Simply make sure you use your Discover it Cash within your PayPal account.

There are a couple ways we love to use PayPal to save on Disney gift cards. One is BJs Wholesale which we outlined in the Wholesale Clubs section above. Another is CardCash, a retailer that sells gift cards secondhand at a discount and often has Disney gift cards in stock.

  • BJs Wholesale is a great option with their typical 4% discount on Disney gift cards
  • CardCash is another great one because they sell Disney gift cards second hand at a discount

October – December:

Target sells Disney gift cards online. If this is the first year with your Discover it Cash card, you can purchase them and ultimately get 10% cash back. This beats the normal 5% discount you’ll get using your Target REDcard.

  • is a simple and easy 10% cash back on Disney gift cards

$50 Back When You Apply

When you apply for the Discover it Cash using a referral link, you get a $50 statement credit after your first purchase. That $50 plus the opportunity to get 10% cash back on Disney gift cards throughout this year makes this our #1 most important credit card for saving on Disney gift cards in 2020 (and 2021).

P.S. If you use our referral link, not only do you get $50 but we do too, so thanks in advance if you apply. 🙂