Things to Do and See at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: What You’ll Love (and not love)

Galaxy’s Edge might be the most anticipated addition to Disney Parks ever. (Those of you who don’t care about Star Wars are just tired of hearing about it.) But, whether you care about Star Wars or not, there’s a lot to love and a fair number of things not to love. Here’s our ranking of the best things to do and see at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

#1 – The Land Itself

The land is absolutely beautiful, and like almost every Disney Parks land, it’s more beautiful at night. The attention to detail is remarkable. You could spend an entire week there and continuously find new things you hadn’t noticed. And, it’s big enough that it’s easy to get lost (in a good way). You can easily find yourself wandering around, feeling completely separated from the rest of Disneyland.

You hear sounds throughout the land like a TIE Fighter flying past or the First Order making an announcement over the intercom.

Cast members stay in character, whether they’re wishing you “bright suns” in the morning or refusing to directly answer questions about things outside the land like fireworks. They are in their own world.

#2 – Characters Roaming Around

This guy appeared to be on a bachelor party and these stormtroopers were taking him for questioning. As his group walked by, I heard one of them say, “They’re taking him a really long way!”

If you walk from one end of Galaxy’s Edge to the other, you are guaranteed to see characters; that’s how prevalent they are in the land. We probably walked by Chewy 7-8 times over three days. And Stormtroopers are just not just walking two-by-two, you’ll occasionally see them scouting things out on top of buildings.

The only drawback here is that there isn’t a lot of diversity of characters. We saw Chewy, Rey, and Stormtroopers a lot but that was about it.

#3 – Fireworks Viewing

At Disneyland, the primary fireworks are shot from right behind Galaxy’s Edge. The two best locations to view them from are in front of the First Order building (pictured above) or over by the Millennium Falcon. Unfortunately, this fantastic perk won’t be an option at Hollywood Studios at Disney World.

While this is a tremendous place to view fireworks, the only downside is that you don’t get any music. Because you’re in another world supposedly, they don’t play it. This was kind of bizarre on the 4th of July (on our visit) because it was silent when you’re expecting some patriotic music.

#4 – Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities

I thought this was the best themed shop or restaurant by a mile. It was a little like walking into Borgin and Burkes in Diagon Alley at Universal Orlando. You feel a genuine sense of awe at the level of immersion they’ve created, like you’ve genuinely walked into a story.

#5 – Oga’s Cantina

The biggest draw to Oga’s Cantina is the desire to feel like you’re in the cantina on Mos Eisley from the original Star Wars movie. They’ve tried to make it as close to the original as possible without completely copying the original since they’re on different planets.

The ambiance is definitely the star of the show at Oga’s Cantina. There’s a horseshoe shaped bar with booths along the outer edges. DJ R-3X plays a variety of upbeat music including that famous song from Mos Eisley. If you’re there with kids, you’ll definitely want a booth if you can get one.

The biggest downside is that Oga’s Cantina is not a bar. The drinks are pre-made. I’m sure this makes things much more efficient, but it seems to impact the quality. Of the drinks we tried, the Outer Rim (basically a margarita) was the best adult drink and the Blurrgfire was the tastiest for kids.

#6 – Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

Everything about this ride is amazing… except the ride itself. It’s basically the most beautiful video game you’ve ever played. The problem is that if you love video games, you’ll be disappointed by people in your group who don’t perform. Every person contributes to what happens in the simulation and people who do poorly affect everyone else. And, if you are one of those people who aren’t good at video games, you feel the social pressure of letting others down. The ride itself is a miss.

That being said, everything leading up to the ride is wonderful. The photo op outside is fantastic. The queue itself is well-themed and immersive. You even have a chance to sit at the famous chess board on the Millennium Falcon while you’re waiting for your game (ride) to start.

#7 – Ronto Roasters

The primary item on the menu, the Ronto Wrap, looks gross, doesn’t sound very good, and somehow still works. It’s a glorified hot dog, but the spicy sausage is tasty. The pita is soft. And, the cole slaw gives it a little crunch and makes it feel a little lighter. Overall, the Ronto Roaster is a decent option but not amazing. I would eat at Woody’s Lunch Box at Toy Story Land 15 times in a row before eating anything at Galaxy’s Edge. Yikes. That sounds bad but it’s true.

Ronto Roasters is also outdoors and has minimal seating, so you’ll see people trying to eat a rather messy Ronto Wrap standing up. They put it in a folded piece of paper, so it’s almost impossible to catch bit of food falling out the bottom as you eat it unless you’re sitting down.

All of the drinks we tried were too sweet. Between the Meilroon Juice and Sour Sarlaac, I would pick the latter. But, I’m not sure I would get either again.

#8 – Docking Bay 7

They really could have done better. The Fried Endorian Tip-yip (fried chicken breast & mashed potatoes) was clearly a frozen pre-breaded, chicken breast. It was not good. The mashed potatoes and gravy on the other hand had good flavor and texture.

The Smoked Kaadu Ribs were just flat out bad. Ribs should have bones in them, right? This one had lots of tendons and a couple of bone knobs (is that a thing?). However, I will say that the Blueberry Corn Muffin that comes with it was quite tasty. It was a nice combination of savory and sweet.

Finally, our littlest one ordered the Yobshrimp Noodle Youngling Salad. It was by far the best thing we ordered. The cold noodles were flavorful and the shrimp was as good as you’ll get at quick service restaurant in a theme park.

#9 – Milk Stand

It doesn’t taste like milk. It’s tastes like a slushy made from coconut milk with the blue tropical fruit SweeTart crushed up in it. There’s the cognitive dissonance that comes from getting something with a name that implies a different flavor than what you get. But, the flavor itself is also just not good. It’s drinkable I guess but not worth paying for.

#10 – Datapad

I wanted the Datapad to be as much fun as using a wand is in the Harry Potter lands at Universal. It’s not. It starts off with lots of instructions. I think it’s trying to do too much. And, almost none of it is intuitive. After trying to figure it out for a little bit, I gave up.

What Did We Miss?

We did not build a light saber or a droid. And, we didn’t order every possible thing on the menus we tried. So, this is an incomplete list.

Overall Impressions

IF they can improve the food, increase the diversity of characters, scrap or fix the Datapad, and Rise of the Resistance is a success, this could be my new favorite land (not called Diagon Alley). Otherwise, it’s a really nice diversion and a fun place to walk through on your way to other parts of the park.