You Sent This Little Girl To Aulani


We don’t talk about our personal life very much on here. We have two children, one of whom is our foster daughter. Being foster parents is often a strange existence, filled with uncertainty of how long a child will be with you, which makes it hard to make future plans. It is also very hard to take a foster child on vacation, due to rules, regulations, and always changing schedules. We found ourselves right before our Aulani trip with really no plausible place for her to stay while we were on our trip.

Taking Our Foster Daughter to Aulani

Because of this, we made the decision to take her. After making a lot of phone calls, pleading our case, we were granted a YES. Our excitement quickly turned into anxiety as we realized the likelihood of her getting on our same flight was small. We also were really worried about the cost of her ticket this close to our vacation. Lo and behold we were able to find a seat on all our flights, and we we were able to cover most of the cost with points. That is where you come in…

You Made It Possible

You helped us get her to Hawaii. We love points and love to connect with others that love points. Points to Neverland has been so fun for us. We love showing you how you can save on memorable Disney vacations using points. When you, our readers, apply for credit cards using links from our sites, we often get points. It maybe was a small thing to you to click on our credit card links to get a new card, but it was a huge thing to us. Thank you. Mahalo.