Vacation Planning Tips

Disney vacations are a little different than a vacation at the beach, they require a bit of planning. While some spontaneity makes every vacation more fun, a little planning before you go on a Disney vacation can make a huge difference! We’ve outlined a few of our favorite tips to help you have a magical trip to Disney.

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Get to the Park Before it Opens

The best time to do the rides with longest lines is first thing in the morning. Getting to the park before it opens can save you hours in lines the rest of the day.

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Take Afternoon Breaks

An all-day marathon at a Disney Park is for teenagers. Taking afternoons off to rest will make everyone a lot less irritable at the end of the day.

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Make the Most of Your Meals

There is so much more to Disney than attractions and characters. There are so many restaurants at the Disney Parks that are amazing and are whole experiences in and of themselves. Here is a countdown of our five favorite theme restaurants…

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Get Dining Reservations

Some of the most coveted and popular restaurants completely book up the day they’re available for reservation, which is six months in advance. It is important to plan way ahead in regards to dining, so you don’t miss out on a memorable dining experience.

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First Time at Disney World? Stay on Property

With an on-property stay, transportation from the airport as well as transportation to and from all the parks and hotel is included. There are so many things to plan for a Disney vacation, transportation is one less thing to worry about when you stay on property.

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Disney Packing List

We are here to make your life easier as we help you decide what to pack for your Disney vacation. Our packing list is divided into four categories...Weather, Children, Adults, and Luggage. All categories are complete with Amazon links in case you would like to purchase these items for your trip.

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Bring Don’t Buy

You can save a lot of money by purchasing items like ponchos and souvenirs before you leave your hometown.

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Make Your Own Special Experience

Disney is really ramping up the special experiences. We have found that a family can just as easily make their own special experience without the extra cost.

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Theme Days

To make a Disney vacation even more magical, create theme days for your traveling party because, who doesn't love a good theme??

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Arrive Early…In Order to Achieve the Perfect Profile Pic

The Disney Parks have a variety of before park hours experiences. We absolutely love a good character breakfast! With these early entry experiences, you can get some great family photos in front of some iconic backdrops (we are looking at you, Cinderella’s castle!) with virtually no one in background.

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