Top 3 Ways to Save at Aulani with the Disney Visa Card

We love our Disney Visa card. We use it on all of our Disney vacations. In the theme parks we use it save on dining, merchandise and special character meet & greets. But, you can also save at Aulani with the Disney Visa card. Here are the top 3 ways.

1) $200 Sign Up Bonus

The no annual fee Disney Visa has a $200 sign up bonus when you use a referral link. And, you only have to spend $500 in the first three months to get it. This is a quick and easy way to save on your Aulani vacation.

2) 10% Off Snorkeling at Rainbow Reef

The Rainbow Reef is a lot of fun. With your Disney Visa card, you’ll get 10% off.

The cost for doing it one time is $20 for adults and $15 for kids (9 & under). But, it’s in the middle of the resort, so you’ll walk past it everyday. If you’re going to be at Aulani more than a few days, you should consider the length of stay option. It’s $39 for adults and $29 for kids. It really is the kind of activity you could enjoy every day of your trip.

3) 10% Off Merchandise

When you spend $50 or more on merchandise at Aulani with your Disney Visa card, you can save 10%. It’s a guarantee that if you come to Aulani, you’re going to leave with stuff than you thought possible. You say you won’t, you tell your kids no, but you eventually break down, hand over your Disney Visa and close your eyes. Just don’t forget to ask for your discount. 🙂