Top 4 Ways to Buy Disney Gift Cards (Chase Freedom)

It’s a card so important for our Disney vacation strategy, we have two of them. And, we’re coming into the best category bonus of the year… grocery stores. If that wasn’t enough, Chase is adding PayPal and Chase Pay as additional options.

Not only will we earn 5% back on Disney gift cards, or more importantly 5x Chase Ultimate Rewards, but there are going to be some fantastic opportunities to stack that discount with other discounts. Ultimately, you could save 20% toward your next Disney vacation.

Check out all our favorite ways to Buy Disney gift cards on this page.

Top 4 Ways to Buy Disney Gift Cards (Chase Freedom)

There will be lots of ways to buy Disney gift cards with the Chase Freedom this quarter. Here are our Top 4. Some of these opportunities will only be available for a week or two. Follow Points to Neverland and we’ll be sure to highlight them as they are.

1) Swagbucks Strategy at Best Buy

Potential Savings – 24.5%

Best Buy accepts Chase Pay in-store. This means you’ll earn between 5% and 10%, depending on whether you use a Chase Ultimate Rewards Strategy or not.

Plus, Best Buy gives rewards on the purchase of gift cards. You’ll earn between 1% and 2.5% towards future purchases depending on your status in the program.

Finally, Swagbucks has been giving $6 worth of points at Best Buy when you spend $50. We’ve outlined step-by-step instructions for the Swagbucks at Best Buy Strategy. While it can feel a bit complicated, the savings are tremendous.

2) 4X Fuel Points at Grocery Stores

Potential Savings – Up to 20%

Most of the big grocery store chains offer 2x fuel points on the purchase of gift cards. Every 100 fuel points you earn, gets you 10 cents off per gallon of gas at a single fill up. 1,000 points will get you $1 off per gallon.

Periodically, grocery stores run a deal for 4x fuel points. This means a $250 Disney gift card, will get a $1 off every gallon you can pump. Drive a big car? You’ll save a ton.

When you combine the savings on fuel points with 5% back (5x Chase Ultimate Rewards), a person who could fill up 25 gallons at a single fill up, for example, would gain 20% in value on their purchase. Unfortunately for me, my subcompact means I save a lot less.

3) Using Walmart Gift Cards at Sam’s Club

Potential Savings – 12% to 13%

Sam’s Club sells Disney gift cards at a discount, usually around 4% off. Here’s how you can combine that discount with 5x Chase Ultimate Rewards:

You can purchase Walmart gift cards through Walmart online. Their checkout includes both PayPal and Chase Pay as options. So, when you buy them, you’ll earn 5x CURs. Next, you’ll use the gift cards to purchase Disney gift cards in-store at a Sam’s Club. They accept Walmart gift cards as a form of payment, even on Disney gift card purchases. NOTE: Occasionally, someone gets a cashier that gives them problems. It’s not often, but using gift cards to buy gift cards is a YMMV situation.

4) CardCash

Potential Savings – 12%

CardCash is a gift card reseller. They buy up gift cards second hand and resell them. They commonly have a limited quantity of Disney gift cards at 3%-4% discount. CardCash also offers PayPal as a checkout option, which means you can get 5x CUR with your Chase Freedom.

They have a 45-day money back guarantee on their gift cards. We’ve gotten 3-4 bad gift cards and gotten a prompt refund. But, there is a little bit of risk buying second hand gift cards, so check the balance and transfer it onto another Disney gift card at as soon as you get them in the mail.

Chase Freedom

No annual fee. $150 sign up bonus (15,000 CURs) after spending $500 in the first three months.  Plus, another $25 (2,500 CURs) when you add an authorized user who makes at least one purchase. Add this on top of the Disney gift card discounts and it’s a great card to have for the Disney vacation fanatic.

If you decide to apply for the card, that’s our referral link. You’ll contribute to our Disney obsession by using it because Chase will give us some points too. And we’re really really obsessed… Thanks!