Top 5 Reasons to Use the Target REDcard to Buy Disney Gift Cards

Disney Gift Cards at Target

It’s one of the most popular ways to save on Disney gift cards. And, saving on Disney gift cards means you save on your whole vacation. Not only can you use them for your hotel and part tickets, you can use them throughout the parks at food and merchandise too. Here are the top fives reasons to use the Target REDcard to buy Disney gift cards.

1) Automatic 5% Discount

The biggest reason people love to use the Target REDcard to buy Disney gift cards is the automatic 5% discount. When you’re spending thousands of dollars on a Disney vacation, even saving 5% turns into hundreds of dollars.

2) No Credit Check

If you get the Debit version of the Target REDcard, there’s no credit check. You’re basically just connecting your checking account. For people who don’t want a credit card, this is a great way to save.

3) Purchase Disney Gift Cards Online

Another great reason to use the Target REDcard to buy disney gift cards is that you can do it from home. Target sells both physical and e-gift cards online. With the REDcard you’ll get free 2-day shipping on orders of $35 or more, so you won’t pay any extra for this convenience.

We feature lots of strategies on our site to save even more on Disney gift cards, but it’s hard to beat the convenience offered by the Target REDcard.

4) 10% Off Disney Hotels

This isn’t actually a way to save on Disney gift cards. But, it’s important to know that as a Target REDcard holder, you can get 10% off your hotel bookings through You have to prepay your booking and you won’t earn Rewards. But, we compared prices with the Disney website and our tests came out to a legitimate 10% discount before taxes. (But, it’s always good to check for yourself.)

5) Sign Up Bonus

From now until February 2, 2019, Target is giving a sign up bonus of sorts on the Target REDcard. When you get either the debit or credit version, you’ll get a $25 off coupon on a future purchase of $100 or more that can be used until March 24th. The coupon excludes items like gift cards, so you’d have to use it on normal store purchases.

While the Target REDcard isn’t the strategy that will save you the most amount of money, the convenience, ease, and potential savings on your hotel are a few really great reasons to use the Target REDcard to buy Disney gift cards.