Tricks to Save More on Black Friday

Caught up in the ecstasy and mayhem of Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Whether you see it as a blessing or a curse, it’s hard to pass up the good deals. We’ve got some tricks to save you even more than the discounts stores are offering.

1) Use Amex Offers

Spend a certain amount of money at select stores on your American Express card and get a rebate with Amex Offers. There are usually close to a hundred offers at any one time. Two we like right now are JCPenney and Macy’s. You can stack the rebate from Amex on top of the deals each store is offering. Plus, they each sell some great Disney merchandise.

Learn more about How to Save with Amex Offers. Our favorite American Express card is from Starwood. We use it for free stays at the Swan and Dolphin.

jcpenney amex offer

macy's amex offer 2) Use a Shopping Portal

Shopping portals are a great way to earn extra rewards for your online shopping. Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, Hilton, and many other travel companies have shopping portals. You simply click through their link to your favorite store and you earn extra points for your shopping. This can go a long way to earning points for your next Disney vacation.

For instance, Southwest Airlines is offering three Rapid Rewards for every dollar spent at JCPenney. JetBlue is offering two points for every dollar spent at Macy’s. To find these, we like to use Cashback Monitor. It’s a quick and easy to find out who is offering the most points at each retailer.

Combine These Steps to Double the Savings

Very important. You can combine both of these tips at once. Here are the steps to do it.

  1. Add the Amex Offer – Find the Amex Offers in your American Express account you like and add them to your card.
  2. Find the Shopping Portal – Go to Cashback Monitor and find the portal that will earn you the most points you want.
  3. Sign Into the Portal – Each shopping portal requires a sign in. They use this to track and give you the points for your purchases. Either sign in or create an account.
  4. Use Portal Link – Find the store you want to shop at, like Macy’s or JCPenney’s, and use the portal link to that website.
  5. Use Your Amex Card – Do your normal shopping and take advantage of all the deals on that retailers website. When you check out, make sure you use your Amex card, so you’ll get the Amex Offers rebate.

By following these steps, you’ll not only get the rebate for the Amex Offer, you’ll also get the shopping portal points. This is in addition to the Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals the store is offering!

3) Use Category Bonuses

If you don’t have an Amex Card or don’t find the Amex Offer you want for a particular store, use a card with good category bonuses. For instance, the Chase Freedom is offering five points per dollar at Department Stores. If I didn’t have an Amex card, I would use the Chase Freedom at JCPenney or Macy’s and go through a portal. I would get five points per dollar for the category bonus on the card plus the extra points for the shopping portal.

Read our full review of the Chase Freedom.

chase freedom calendar q4 2016

Another great bonus going on right now is with the Discover it Card. It’s offering 5% cash back on Amazon and Discover doubles all cash back in the first year.

You can read our full review of the Discover it Card.


Don’t Leave Money on the Table

There are so many great deals out there for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Don’t forget to take advantage of all the great points opportunities you can stack on top of your savings.

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