Up to 13% Off Disney Gift Cards with New Discover it Cash Quarterly Bonus

October 1st brings a new set of quarterly bonuses on some of our favorite rewards cards. The Discover it Cash is going to have some of the best for holiday shopping and saving on Disney gift cards from October 1 to December 31st. During this 4th quarter this year, you’ll get 5% cash back at Amazon, Target, and Walmart.com. Plus, the Discover it Cash has no annual fee and Discover doubles all your cash back at the end of your first year.

Discover it Cash

  • 5% cash back at Amazon, Target & Walmart.com on up $1,500 spent in those bonus categories
  • No annual fee
  • Discover doubles all the cash back you earned at the end of your first year

Saving on Disney Gift Cards

There are two good ways to use the category bonus for saving on Disney gift cards. Here they are:

Buying Disney Gift Cards at Target

Save on Disney Gift Cards at Target

Lots of people use the Target REDcard to save 5% on Disney gift cards. Since you can even use your REDcard to purchase them online, this is a simple and easy way to save on your vacation. And, Target makes it even simpler because you can use use their Debit card version of the REDcard which does not require a credit check to get.

And, yes, the Discover it Cash is only giving 5% cash back at Target, the same amount you get with the REDcard. However, if you are within your first year as a card holder with the Discover it Cash, Discover is going to match all of your cash back (at the end of the year). So, your 5% cash back is going to get matched and become 10%.

  • New card members get cash back matched, so 5% off Disney gift cards at Target becomes 10%.

Save on Disney Gift Cards at Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club? That wasn’t on the list, but you can use Walmart gift cards at Sam’s Club. And, Sam’s Club has remained one of the few places where you can use gift cards to purchase gift cards. This means you can use Walmart gift cards at a Sam’s Club to buy discounted Disney gift cards. And, you can save around 13% doing it.

How It Works

First, you’ll want to purchase Walmart gift cards at Walmart.com. You’ll get 5% cash back from Discover. Again, if you’re in your first year with the card, that cash back will get matching, making it 10% cash back.

Sam’s Club does not allow gift card for gift card purchases online, so you’ll need to do this in-store. Take your Walmart gift to your nearest Sam’s Club (you need a membership). You will typically find Disney gift cards at a 4% discount. For instance, a 3-pack of $25 Disney gift cards is currently $71.98.

When you stack the savings from Discover, including the first year card member match, and the discount from Sam’s Club, it comes out to a 13.6% savings on Disney gift cards. Not bad.

Caution: While Sam’s Club does allow gift card for gift card purchases in-store, we recommend only purchasing Walmart gift cards if you could use them for other items. It’s possible that Walmart/Sam’s Club could change this policy at some point or you could get a store clerk who is uninformed.

Drop Your Referral Link: Everybody Wins $50

When you use a referral link to apply for the Discover it Cash card, you get a $50 rebate after your first purchase. And, the person who refers the card also gets a $50 rebate. Feel free to drop your referral links in the comments below. If you’re thinking about getting the card, use one of the links and make someone’s day.