Use Discover it Miles for a Disney Vacation

There’s no perfect rewards card, but you can build a nearly perfect wallet. Each rewards card has different strengths. One card offers bonuses on travel and dining and another on utilities. When you use the right card for the right purchase you can average a great rate of return.

We’re going to highlight how you can use Discover it Miles for a Disney vacation and why you should consider having it in your wallet. But here’s the bottom line: you earn 3% cash back on every purchase in year one.

Discover it Miles Card

This no annual fee card earns 1.5 miles for every dollar you spend on every purchase. Each mile is worth one penny, so you’re earning 1.5% back as a starting point.

There is no sign up bonus, but there is a $50 statement credit if you apply using a referral link. So, if you have this card, feel free to drop your Discover it Miles referral link in the comments below for others to use.

Discover Doubles All Your Miles!

At the end of your first year, Discover doubles all the miles you’ve earned. This is one of the great strengths of this card. This means, the 1.5 miles per dollar you’ve earned now become 3 miles. This equates to 3% back on all your purchases for the first year.

Redeeming Miles

One of the significant benefits of the Discover it Miles card is the flexibility in how you can redeem your miles. From Discover’s Terms and Conditions, they include:

  • Credit to your account for Travel Purchases made within the last 180 days—
    starting at 1 mile.
  • Electronic deposit into an account you designate—starting at 1 mile.
  • Pay with Miles at select merchant(s)—starting at 1 mile.
    Visit for list of current merchant(s).
  • Any way you redeem, 1 Mile is the cash equivalent of 1 penny.

The most important redemption option listed above is cash. You can have your miles paid out in the form of cash into an account you choose.

Use Discover it Miles for a Disney Vacation

Other rewards cards that earn miles will only let you redeem them for travel purchases. While that is an option, the best way to use Discover it Miles for a Disney vacation is by redeeming the points for cash. And, when you consider you can earn 3% cash back on every purchase in the first year, it’s a card you should strongly consider.

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