Using a Gift Card Sale to Save on Disney Hotels

Save nearly 20% on your Disney hotel when you take advantage of gift card sales. Right now, PayPal Digital Gifts is selling $100 gift cards for $90 and RetailMeNot is selling $50 cards for $44.50.

When you buy multiple gift cards, you can consolidate them here for convenience.

You can book Disney properties at, usually at the exact same price you’d book through Disney. So, this is an easy 10% off your stay.

2 Ways to Earn Another 10% Off Rewards

You can use gift cards and also earn Rewards. For every 10 nights you stay with that program, you earn a free night at the average price. So, this is like another 10% off assuming you ultimately get to 10 nights cumulatively stayed. That may or may not be possible for you.

Target REDcard 10% Savings

There’s another option if you have the Target REDcard. They’ve started offering a 10% discount for stays booked by November 1, 2019 and completed by December 31st.

Your stay does have to be prepaid and you can’t earn or redeem Rewards. But, you can use gift cards. You don’t have to actually pay with your Target REDcard.

If you saved 10% or more on the gift cards, and then get another 10% off with the Target REDcard, you’ll be around a 20% discount on your Disney hotel.

You have to be logged into your REDcard account to find this offer, but you should be able to find the ad here. There are exclusions like vacation packages, so just make sure you read those before booking.