Using Chase Offers to Purchase Disney Gift Cards

Chase has some of the best rewards cards for Disney vacations. They also have a program called Chase Offers that gives you cash back when you make purchases at select stores. These rebates are often 10% of the purchase price and a great way to save on Disney gift cards.

Stores featured in the Chase Offers program in the last 6 months have included Walgreens, Office Depot/Office Max, Staples, RiteAid, Michaels, Sam’s Club and more. Each of these sells Disney gift cards.

How Chase Offers Works

Chase Offers is similar to Amex Offers. You add an offer to a specific credit card. Then, you use that card to make a purchase. Your cash back rebate will automatically post to your account.

Chase Offers Instructions

If you log in online, scroll to the bottom on the left hand side. You’ll find Chase Offers there. Select “See all offers.”

If you’re in the app, scroll to the bottom of the home page and you’ll find it there.

At the top, you’ll see a drop down with all of your Chase credit cards. Each one will have different Chase Offers. These offers are often different from one card to the next, so make sure you check them all.

When you select each offer, you’ll see not only the percentage discount, but the maximum amount you can save with that offer. You’ll also find some other terms worth reading.

As long as you make the purchase by the expiration date, you’ll get the rebate according to Chase, even though the charge may be pending for a day or two. Our first time, it took one week to get the rebate notification emailed to us. Chase says it takes 7-14 days for statement credits to post but it seems to be on the longer end of that timeline.

Using Chase Offers to Purchase Disney Gift Cards

These rebates typically have a cap of around $5-$10 in total savings plus or minus. If the discount is 10% with a $10 max, that means you’re capped at a $100 Disney gift card. But, if you have multiple Chase cards with the same offer, you could make multiple purchases in one shopping trip, each with a different card.

Some of them exclude gift cards in the terms. But, based on our own tests and the reports we’ve seen, purchasing gift cards in-store is triggering the rebate even when the terms exclude them. So far, we haven’t had any problems.

Check out our Disney Gift Cards page for some of the Chase Offers that will help you save on Disney gift cards for your next vacation.