Using Shopping Portals for Disney Gift Cards

We love Disney gift card strategies. We’ve got two Discover it Cash credit cards to take advantage of the 10% cash back on purchases at BJs. While some strategies are from purchases made in-store, the purchases made online “could” earn you additional points or cash by using shopping portals for Disney gift cards.

Shopping Portals for Disney Gift Cards

Shopping portals almost categorically claim to restrict the purchase of gift cards. The basic idea is that if they pay you when you buy a gift card, they may have to pay you again when you redeem it. By not paying you when you buy the gift card, it eliminates double dipping.

BUT, sometimes when you purchase a gift card through a shopping portal, the credit goes through and you earn some points or cash. We always use shopping portals when we buy Disney gift cards online, knowing that we’ll only earn the extra points/cash sometimes.

If you’re new to shopping portals, start HERE.

Some Examples

So far this year, we’ve purchased Disney gift cards through BJs Wholesale four times. For your benefit, we’ve used a different shopping portal each time so we could report back.┬áHere are our results so far:

  • Alaska Airlines – YES
  • Southwest Airlines – YES
  • British Airways – NO
  • TopCashback – PENDING

With Alaska Airlines and Southwest, we earned an extra half point per dollar spent. Not much. TopCashback earns 3% cash but takes 15 weeks to process. It still shows pending even though the purchase was March 25th.

If you’re purchasing Disney gift cards online, check out Cashback Monitor to find the best shopping portals for your purchase.

Your Results?

Have you purchased Disney gift cards through shopping portals? What are your results?