Using Universal Orlando Gift Cards to Save on a Vacation

It’s harder to find Universal Orlando gift cards than Disney gift cards. You’ll find them in many grocery stores along the East Coast and you can occasionally find them second hand at a discount. For instance, we just found 4 $100 Universal Orlando gift cards at a 10% discount at CardCash. I’m sure they won’t last long though.

But, I was unsure heading into our most recent Universal Orlando trip whether I’d be able to easily use Universal Orlando gift cards inside and outside the parks.

Can I Use Universal Orlando Gift Cards for Tickets?

Yes-ish: We used Chase Ultimate Rewards to buy our tickets but then wanted to upgrade to annual passes when we got there. Our hotel had a Universal employee who helped us with this but she couldn’t accept gift cards. She told us if we wanted to wait until we got to the parks, we could use gift cards to buy the annual passes there. But, I decided to just pay the small difference on my World of Hyatt Credit Card and have it done with.

Can I Use Universal Orlando Gift Cards Inside the Parks?

Yes: We had no problem using Universal Orlando gift cards at the Leaky Cauldron, Three Broomsticks, random drink carts… it was no problem and we didn’t get turned down anywhere.

Can I Use Universal Orlando Gift Cards at CityWalk?

Yes: We ate at Cowfish one night; it’s one of our favorites at CityWalk. At the end of our meal, I asked the waiter whether it was possible and he said, “Of course you can use a Universal gift card here, this is Universal!” I guess that answered it. We used gift cards at several other locations and had no problems.