Vacation Planning Tip #2: Get to the park before it opens

Early bird catches the worm….or in this case, ride. Getting to the park early, so you are right there when the gates open, is exciting as well as necessary in getting the most out of your Disney vacation. Here are three reasons why…


1. Run to the Best Rides

Simply getting to the park an half hour before it opens, probably saves you at least a couple of hours of ¬†waiting in long lines. When you’re there before the park opens, once it opens, you can make a fast bee line (my group has been known to sprint) toward your favorite ride and depending on the ride, ride it once (or if you’re lucky) twice, before a fast pass is needed.

2. Enjoy the early excitement

There is something pretty magical about being there at the rope drop, waiting with all the other early risers. Depending on the park, there is some opening hoopla with characters, etc. ¬†Getting there early only adds to your vacation experience. As you wait, this is a great time to eat that granola bar you put in your backpack for breakfast…you’re going to need the energy.

3. Beat the Heat

Depending on the time of year, the afternoon heat at the Disney Parks can be exhausting. Arriving early allows you to not only take advantage of getting the best rides in but also allows you to enjoy the cooler temps of the morning. We like to take a break and go back to the hotel during the hottest part of the day, so getting to the parks early and getting in the best attractions allows us the time to do just that.