Vacation Planning Tip: Theme Days!

To make a Disney vacation even more magical, create theme days for your traveling party. Who doesn’t like a good theme??We came up with this idea five years ago when our daughter was completely and utterly Disney Princess crazy. To maximize on her love of  princesses, we dubbed our Magic Kingdom Day, “Princess Ryann Day.” Everything we did that day had to do with Princesses. From the food, to the rides, to the meals, to the photos…all princess, all the time….complete with matching t shirts for our princess’s entourage (otherwise known as her family). Here was a breakdown of our day:

Theme: Princess Day

Park: Magic Kingdom, spent most of the day in Fantasyland

Thematic Activity: Bippity Boppity Boutique

Meal: Character Breakfast at Cinderella’s castle with all the Princesses

Theme Pictures: Photos and Autographs with all the princesses in the park that day

Princess Theme Day

We had such a blast doing this and many magical memories were made. So much fun was had that we decided to implement a theme day on all our future vacations. For example, here is what we did for our Safari Theme Day the following vacation…

Safari Theme Day

Park: Animal Kingdom

Thematic Activity: After a day at the Animal Kingdom park, head over to the Animal Kingdom Lodge and spend some time looking at all the animals and the grounds of this beautiful and unique hotel.

Meal: Dinner at Sanaa at the Animal Kingdom Lodge (ask for a window table…the view is amazing!)

Theme Pictures: Try to see how many different animal pictures you can get… Animal guides are available at the front desk of the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Animal Kingdom Lodge

The Animal Kingdom Lodge is our favorite place for dinner and animal gazing.

The theme possibilities for your group are endless! Be creative, and make your vacation even more special.

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