We Graded The Pandora Attractions

This past Summer, we were mesmerized by Pandora, the new land at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. The thematic elements of this new land are absolutely breathtaking. There are currently two attractions in Pandora. One we loved, the other…not so much.


Flight of Passage

First off, we absolutely loved this ride. Thrilling, unique, and stunningly beautiful, Flight of Passage is unlike any other attraction at the Disney Parks. On Flight of Passage, you are strapped to the back of a banshee and taken on a magical journey around the world of Pandora. The attention to detail in this attraction, from beginning to end, is unbelievable. You are fully immersed in this world. You even feel the banshee breath on your legs…crazy. I don’t want to give too much away, because I think a big part of the fun of this attraction is the unexpected. I will say this though, everyone in our party wanted to ride this ride again immediately after we got off. A winner in our books.

Grade: A


Na’vi River Journey

It is obvious from the beginning that many years were spent on creating this river attraction. On the Na’vi River Journey, you are taken in reed boats into a colorful, bioluminescent-filled world, enhanced by majestic special effects. This attraction is indeed beautiful. This attraction is also really boring. This Pandora attraction is around 4 minutes long. Not long at all, considering the extremely long wait times that were present during our trip this summer. I also couldn’t really decipher a story line to this attraction, something that Disney is usually so good about doing. The singing animatronic was also a bit weird and confusing. It was a pretty river boat ride, but not much else. We only rode it once and had no desire to ride it again.

Grade: C-

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