We Love Southwest Airlines

Four Reasons Why We Heart Southwest Airlines


1. Cheap Flights on Points

Southwest ties the cost of the flight to the number of points they charge on reward flights. The conversion is about 1.6 cents per point. So, a $160 flight is 10,000 points, not the usual 25,000 points many major airlines charge.

2. Bags Fly Free

This is one of our favorites. Southwest Airlines does not charge for your first or second checked bag. This is so awesome for families traveling to the Disney Parks. Each ticketed passenger gets not one, but two free checked bags! In an industry, where charging per checked bag is standard, this is so very refreshing.

3. Top Notch Customer Service

Our experience with the people that work for Southwest Airlines has been a great one. From the check-in counter to the flight attendants, we have experienced these people to be kind and helpful. And this is so very  noticed as a family with kids that travels frequently. We have even had several flight attendants practically do stand-up comedy routines over the intercom on flights. And can we mention the snacks? As a mom, anybody that gives my kid multiple bags of snacks to keep them occupied is gold with me.


4. No Change Fees

If you need to change your flight, no problem. With Southwest Airlines, there is no fee to change your flight if there is a change in your plans. Other airlines charge up to $200 for domestic flight changes. In a world that is fast moving, with plans changing constantly, a free flight change, if needed, is so welcomed.

Worth Noting:

The check-in process for Southwest Airlines is different from any other airline. When you check in, you get assigned a boarding group: A, B, or C. You also get assigned a boarding position: 1-60. While waiting for your flight, when your group is called, you go stand by the section of the column with your number on it. You will then board the plane in the order of group number and position number.Once on the plane, you may sit wherever there is a seat, seats are not assigned on a Southwest Airlines flight. For families with multiple kids, this is an advantage in that you have a good chance to sit all together if you have an early position. The earlier you check in, up to 24 hours before your scheduled flight, the better your assigned group and position number in line will be.

We usually check in to our flights right at 24 hours prior, and we still usually get somewhere in the mid group B range. In most cases this will leave you with plenty of choices to get the seat or row for your family. But, moral of the story: check in right at 24 hours prior to your flight….especially if you have children that need to sit with an adult.

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